Your favourite soccer players with their favourite dogs

While you might be following your favourite soccer stars this world cup season, they in turn drool over their furry friends. Let’s have a look at who are these canine lovers:
1. Lionel Messi – He might be ruthless to the opponents with his tricks on the field, but Barcelona striker and Argentina National Team’s captain is calm and gentle with his Boxer named “Facha” when he is relaxing back home. Would be interesting to see him dodge Facha with his skills.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo – You can continue to argue if Real Madrid forward and Portugese team captain Ronaldo is better than Messi or not, but he is definitely a step ahead on our list. He is also one of the reasons why women are hooked on to a soccer match but we are giving you some more reasons to ogle at him. A proud dad to a Labrador named Marosca and a Yorkshire Terrier named Abelhinha.
3. Wayne Rooney – He would have disappointed his fans on the field in this worldcup, but he surely doesn’t disappoint his French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) at home. He reportedly bought home the handsome hunk for a stunning £1,250. That’s not all. He bought a holiday home in Barbados for £5 million and spent addition £10,000 for installing underfloor heating system in the kennel. The gentle giant is not alone, but has company of two Bichon Frises – Daisy and Bella and a Chow Chow named Fizz.

4. Frank Lampard – When it comes to French Mastiff’s, Chelsea’s all time scorer – Frank Lampard is not far behind his English team mate Wayne Rooney. But Frank only bought two of them – Daphne and Rocco home after his £4million townhouse was raided by thieves.

5. Nani – Moving over to the Portugese star and Manchester United winger, Nani. Even though his team couldn’t make it beyond the group matches, he has been quite generous with his pooches – a Labrador and a Chow Chow named Panda.
6. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal playmaker and German midfielder, Mesut Ozil recently bought a pug (Balboa) to give company to his Bulldog. He actively posts pictures of him along with his dogs from the social media accounts.
7. Lukas Podolski – Ozil’s German team members and Arsenal forward, Lukas Podolski doesn’t shy away from uploading pics of his Labrador Gero on his Instagram account.

8. Xabi Alonso – The reigning champions Spain also faced a similar fate as their neighbours Portugal. Xabi Alonso however is the proud owner of two pooches – Lagun and Goku. Does anyone have any idea what those names mean? In a recently photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine, we saw him posing with a Weimaraner named Kyra.

9. Roy Keane – While we are talking about the current soccer stars, lets not forget some who were in the limelight some years ago. Father to a German Sheperd (Izac) and Labrador Retriever (Triggs), Roy preferred walking his dogs to spending time with his team mates. The loss of Triggs in early 2012 left him devastated. A dog lover to the core, he has been actively involved with his favourite charity, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind
10. David Beckham – The star might be have bid adieu to the field as a player and helping Miami boys raise a strong team, but he continues to stay in news with his style statement. His love for Bulldogs is evident from his furry family comprising of Coco, an English Bulldog, and Scarlet – a French Bulldog.
11. Francesco Totti – The former AS Roma captain and Italian Midfielder/Striker owns two Labradors – Ariel and Flipper, one of whom is as big a star as Totti himself. Ariel had rescued an 8-year-old girl and a 64-year-old man who were in danger of drowning in Civitavecchia, a seaside resort in the province of Rome. He was gifted as a present to Totti by a sponsor of AS Roma on the occasion of the birth of their first son, Christian.
12. Roberto Carlos – Who can forget the power packed free kicks defying rules of physics from Brazilian soccer start Roberto Carlos. Currently the head coach of Sivasspor, he received a Kangal dog as a gift during a live broadcast at Channel 58 channel in Sivas, Turkey.

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