What is a dog doing on a blog?

Sometimes I just have to stay still and look at the camera lens

After being separated from my mom and the pack, I soon found myself in a small cage in a basement of a Vet and Pet Store in Delhi. I can’t recollect the number of people who would have come to see and pet me, but there was a bunch which came and loved watching me freely move around in the store. Pooping and peeing all over, I used to love those moments of freedom. I don’t know what happened there after, but that was the last night I had to spend in that cage. For once I again relished the feeling and warmth of a home.

Last one year has been quite a journey where I believe I have learnt from my folks as much as they have learnt from me. Right from the beginning I have been quite social, be it with humans or with other dogs right after my vaccinations. As a result, I also managed to cajole my folks to let me get on digital. Just when I completed a year, I asked them if I could get a blog of my own. And like always, they agreed.
So here I am, making my first blog entry. I will try to keep my posts informative to help other pet parents get as many insights as possible. But for the first post, let me just post a few pictures of me from the last one year J
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