Weekend fun for Moose and Cherry

Weekends in Gurgaon are so predictable with the limited outdoor options available. Specially with people living in residential apartments making a hue and cry along with the RWA, we can’t be left unleashed even if we don’t harm anyone. We are always on a lookout for places where we can go over the weekend, play and have a good time. Also if folks can chill and relax with their friends, that means we get company of some more furries that come along with them.
The day when Cherry had arrived at our home
Café Canine, a pet friendly family café recently opened up in Gurgaon. Located at the outskirts of Gurgaon on the way to Damdama Lake, the café offers various facilities beyond just the space for us to play – right from dog grooming, small play area for kids, basic obstacles and a small café with a bookstore. It operates between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
Cafe Canine

After Cherry has walked into our house, it took some time to get her health back on track. Her spirits were always high and she was quite friendly with me. Though her medication is still on, she is in a much better state and one morning over the weekend, folks made an impromptu plan at 9:00 a.m. in the morning to take both of us out.

Showing off my soccer skills

The directions are pretty clear and we did not have difficulty locating the place. The moment we entered the café and were let off our leash, it was a sight to watch Cherry run in circles covering the entire ground like a horse. It looked as though she experienced running in an open field after a long time. And then we had another furry Zeus who instantly joined the fun. On one side there is a seating area with tables and chairs where you can sit and relax, while on the other side there is a space for us to run around and also some basic obstacles to train / practice on. These sections are separated by a metallic mesh.

That’s Cherry … how much she loved chasing her favourite toys

Cherry on the left and Moose on the right

We did try some of the obstacles, but were in no mood to make the effort. Loved playing my favourite sport – football and also managed to perform some tricks to impress Cherry. She wasn’t any behind when it came to chasing tennis balls. I believe folks also had a choice to order some snacks and drinks while we enjoy our games in the play area. With winters almost here, I cant wait to come back to the place a little earlier in the morning with our buddies Tango and Disco. 

Yeah, that tongue is on purpose 😀

Next time you plan your visit to Cafe Canine, you can reach out to them at +91-9891849999 or mail them at cafecanine@gmail.com 

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