Thank you, for making me the Mom I am!

This mother’s day I wanted to let my dear daughter know how thankful I am for her existence and the very essence of motherhood that I have been enjoying since her birth. I hope one day when she reads this letter she remembers that her mom loves her to the moon and beyond!


Baby Shower

Dear Kenisha,

I prayed for you every day for nine months, and I haven’t stopped since. I still remember bawling like a baby the first time I held you. You truly were a miracle child. It was hard to celebrate our pregnancy because we were somewhere scared that we may never see you. However, your birth restored my faith in the superpower I believed in. You made me a Mom and I will forever be grateful to you for that.

8 June 2015. Welcome baby!

From the day you were born to your first steps, each milestone has been the highlight of our lives. It’s truly an adventure I will cherish throughout my life, I smile every-time I look at photos of you which we clicked with our Canon Camera, its your dads favourite.

I will let you in on a little secret dear Kenisha, life is all about living to the fullest and creating memories. And, I want to not only create but also preserve my memories with you. Because unless these little beautiful memories are preserved today, they can’t be cherished tomorrow.


You will see that I have captured everything from your childhood. From the sleepless nights, to the endless diaper changes, from the often painful breastfeeding, to even cleaning up the daily mess, because these memories are priceless dear Kenisha, and you’ve made it all worth it!

All of us

I have been #Preservingmemories of your firsts and each milestone you achieve every now and then so that when you grow up we can cherish these moments together. In just 25 days you will turn 4 and am still pinching myself in disbelief. I wish I could stop time. But you know whenever I start to reminisce about your birth, I thank your Dad’s Canon Camera and Printer because of which today I can wrap myself with the nostalgia because I captured and preserved every second of those  precious memories!

From a little tiny baby you have grown beautifully into a loving, compassionate and an empathetic child. You make me so proud in so many ways! My heart swells with pride when I see you being a little independent human, filled with kindness.
I just want to tell you that you deserve the best! Don’t ever settles for the second best. And no matter what or when, your mumma is always there, to listen to you, to guide you when you need me. I love you my sweetheart, now and forever. And, I promise to keep #PreservingMemories with you.

Thank you for making me the Mom I am!

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  1. This is such a heartfelt post momma, I am sure we all have these memories etched in mind and heart forever. But it’s really essential to share the feelings too. Happy mommying.

  2. Such a beautiful post! We too have been capturing every single milestone and special moments with A&A! Kenisha will surely cherish this letter of yours once she grows up.

  3. What a beautiful post, Karuna, straight from the heart. Motherhood is an emotion that cannot be described in words yet we can’t stop writing about it. Loved it.

  4. I love the letter and all the pictures. The mother-daughter bond is incomparable. Only a daughter can understand how her mother feels about everything. God bless you both!

  5. Aww you made me so emotional. Such wonderful pictures truly gorgeous Kenisha… i am sure when she reads this when she is older she will love what you have written

  6. Lovely post and super lovely pictures that you shared, Memories are a treasure keep adding every milestone to cherish. God Bless the little one!


  7. Kenisha is such a cute name.. similar to mine 😉 . That’s a heart-touching letter mommy. I am sure she will cherish this forever.

  8. I also believe that investing in a good quality DSLR camera is the best investment we have done. I can’t imagine the fun we’ll have when we’ll watch all these childhood pictures 20-25 years down the line.

  9. I could relate myself with you so much evenwe all mom can relate with this. They are the best gift of our life infact the most precious gift for lifetime.