Women’s Day Celebration with Ariel India – #ShareTheLoad

Every year we celebrate women’s day with so much passion and zeal. As a woman myself, I idealize a world where women and men have equal rights and share to the larger pie whether professional or at home. Though I do see a huge shift in this trend with more men supporting their women whether wives, daughters, sisters or even colleagues we are still a long way to go.



This year I celebrated this thought through Ariel’s beautifully conceptualised campaign called #ShareTheLoad. Am pretty sure many of you might have witnessed the impact of their previous film sharing a dad’s message to his daughter and emphasizing how important it is for parents to teach their sons just like their daughters. The ongoing mindset where a woman is totally responsible for the household while the man enjoys privileges as a bread earner no longer resonates with the masses.

Ariel invited popular television actors and real-life couple – Ravi Dubey, Sargun Mehta along with Ravi’s Mom Sudha Dubey. The couple shared real life anecdotes and their experience of managing a career and equal household and emphasized on the need for gender parity in a relationship.

The stage was open for interaction with media, general public and influencers. The men in the audience were also taught how to do laundry, so they can go back home and #ShareTheload – EVERYDAY. The idea is to make laundry the face of the movement against inequality within households, because with Ariel, anyone can get best results no matter who does the laundry!

The Super Family!

As a mom blogger am very happy to see how Ariel is urging mothers to raise their children as a generation of equals. After all, parents are responsible for the right upbringing and what our children see at home becomes their guide to lead their future life. All the more important for our husbands to set the right example.

Anti Gravity Booth

Ariel had put up eye-catching installations which shared a message that “Let’s make men doing laundry a reality even on earth”. The idea was to remind parents to teach their sons just like their daughters to grow up to be a responsible partner to #sharetheload

So excited to meet Shagun

The highlight for the day was the special screening of the latest superhero movie Captain Marvel at Select City Mall, PVR Delhi that I was invited to. I was thrilled to watch the movie with Kenisha as Captain Marvel is the first female-led superhero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s an Avengers prequel, telling the story of how Air Force pilot Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) becomes Captain Marvel, one of the most powerful superheroes ever.  I want my daughter to grow up as a fearless, resilient and a confident woman just like Captain Marvel.

 Thank you Ariel for making this women’s day a celebration to cherish for days to come and I hope your message reaches every household to bring a positive change to our society

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This post is part of a collaboration with Ariel India but the views and opinions shared by me on the #ShareTheLoad initiative are completely my own.