Joining back work post-baby?

It’s been a while I have been meaning to pen down my thoughts on this topic. Now 2 months into the new job I think I know what this really feels like – joining back work post-baby!

When is the best time to get back to work?

I wish there was one right answer to this. I am pretty old school and even before I got married I was quite darn sure that the first 2 years of my baby’s upbringing I will not miss a moment even if that would mean taking a break from work. Luckily when I had Kenisha, I was running my own venture and being my own boss meant to manage work and baby at home easily. Nonetheless, many women do get back to work post maternity leave. I think each to their own and each mom has her own reasons to do what she does. However, if you have the lucky opportunity to spend the first 2 years with your child please do cling to it. I promise these would be most memorable – to watch each little milestone!

How do I handle this new change?

So many moms on Instagram asked me how on earth I took this difficult call to get back to a professional career? Will I be able to handle this new change?

Simply put, I planned it all much before in time. If you are anything like me and know for sure that one day you wish to get back to your career after a break or even start again, plan ahead. Think about the possibilities of how you and your baby can cope up with this new change. Do you have support at home, will having a full time Nanny help or would you meed a aycare support.

Planning ahead to keep it sane.

Please do not take up my timeliness as a benchmark as each child is unique and therefore no matter how much you plan there are often chances it may all fail in the end. Like all moms say, never give up and keep trying.

I decided in Nov 2016 to close down my venture by March 2017. Once this was done I took next few months to settle down with this new change and kept myself busy with my blogging and Insta life. At the same time, I decided to look for Montessori schools as Kenisha was going to turn 2 in June 2018. I was plain lucky to fall in love with the first school we visited. One criterion to pick this school was that it had a Daycare as well.

Kenisha settled pretty soon with a 3 hours school routine. This was my first step to plan and apply for jobs and start looking out. In 2 months I also decided to get her used to a daycare facility within the school. The school was open to my idea of sending her to Daycare for only half the month which meant 2-3 days a week at max. This was the phase when I saw her settling at Daycare and the feedbacks were very encouraging. In the meanwhile, I continued to give interviews and explore opportunities.

Finally, in December, I decided to try a full month daycare routine. This was our big test. Will Kenisha stay back for the day while Mumma is at work? Will all my hard work and planning pay? Plus I was almost closing on some opportunities and I really needed this confirmation so badly!

Bang on! My baby did well! She loves her school and her daycare. Mumma got a job just before New years and 2018 began on a wonderful note!

Nothing is as tough as it appears

So I took up a part-time job against a very high paying full-time job because 1. I have zero support apart from a daycare and 2. I also have 2 dogs that need me home early in the evening. I may not be making big bucks but I am content. I am lucky to have found a job that I enjoy and allows me to work as per my time criteria. It does look daunting to think about stepping out after such a long hiatus but its all worth it.

So go ahead Mumma, you can do it too! Wish you luck

If you are Mom who just got back to her career I did love to hear your views as well!

How motherhood has changed me? or has it evolved me?

When Pooja from invited me to join the blog train comprising of 41 moms across the globe who will share their stories about how motherhood has changed them, I felt this post will be a cakewalk for me. Afterall, I have been a mom for 27 months now!

For the past few days, I have gone back and forth wondering how I have changed or in fact if I have changed at all. I concluded – I haven’t, but I feel I have evolved.

I think my journey began even before I had Kenisha – in June 2013 when we got a Moose home. Back then, we were a newly married carefree couple busy with our work over weekdays and recklessly lazing around or exploring places over the weekend.

Moose was just 35 days old when he arrived home, but I guess he might have been separated from his mom and siblings much earlier. It sank in rather quick that little guy looked up to me to take care of him from this moment onwards. So began the role of a mother – feed, sleep, clean his litter, repeat.

Siddhant and I are dog lovers but Moose became the first dog that we actually got home. Clearly, with no real experience, we were on a roller coaster ride. Sid was busy at work while I managed my business from home.

Suddenly I had a lot more to do than I wanted to. Feeding a pup 5 times, clearing up afterward, constant petting and reassuring, running down from 11th floor for potty training after each meal, discipline training sessions, vaccination follow-ups and what not! Motherhood sure kicked in early.

But in return, I found a companion for those long hours of work alone at home. I had someone to cuddle with and enjoy long runs and walks every evening. I loved this feeling and it reassured me of my capability to take care of a little human in future. Our family had begun!

moose and cherry

Cherry joins the gang

Then in September 2014, we came across a post in one of the groups calling for volunteers to foster an abandoned female Labrador. We named her Cherry.

It took us two months to get her health back on track. And by then we realized how well she got along with Moose.So we finally took a call for adopting her. Now I had 2 babies.


June 2015, I was blessed with a baby girl. Life took a 360-degree turn like it does for every mom. Nonetheless, I felt at ease. I knew this. I was expecting this. I was ready.


My little angel

My daughter is my biggest strength today. She has helped me face my biggest demons with a smile, pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me a responsible and a mature woman, helped me prioritize and be less stressed when I mess up, seek joy in the smallest things and above all made me a much happier person!

The C-sec scars heal and the post-pregnancy weight also bids farewell. But this precious tiny human helps a woman realize her true potential.


Our beautiful family

I am more patient, more loving. Not just to my own child but towards all children I meet. I respect my mom a million times over and all the other beautiful moms who are doing the best in their ability to raise a beautiful and responsible human. I judge less and I accept more.

My traveling partner

Motherhood has helped me let go of perfection and accept the fact that I cannot control it all. It has made me real and accepting of my flaws. But it has given me the strength to also stand up to new challenges. Today, I want to be fit and healthy. I want to prove to my daughter that women can do a lot more than what’s set for them traditionally. Even though in the past I have been a marketing professional as well as a businesswoman woman, today if I chose to give it up to enjoy these extra days with her I also got the opportunity to blog and share my experience with all you wonderful moms. So yes motherhood has evolved me into my new Avatar and I absolutely love it!

I am part of this blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies and she has networked to bring together 41 moms across the GLOBE. (Meet the 41 moms here.) Pooja has also shared her own perspective on this here.


Mums and Babies Blog Train


Next on this blog train is a beautiful mama Misha, mom of twins. 


Misha freestyle blogger is a fashion postgraduate and has worked as a designer in her initial career years.

Post marriage and kids she entered the blogging world with her 2 different blogs.

Fashion Narssicist that was a fashion and beauty Blog and resulted in her all organic hair n skincare brand – Ang-Tatva 

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Happy Reading!!


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Why I chose extended breastfeeding?

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is an annual celebration held every year from 1 – 7 August in more than 120 countries. It celebrates and spreads the awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding and reaching the 6 months mark.

When K turned 2 it was like a little celebration for me to have reached the mark of breastfeeding her for 2 years. Today, I conclude the world breastfeeding day by sharing my experience of breastfeeding my 2 year plus.

Breastfeeding is a debatable topic. I have seen moms who breastfeed and talk how important it is. And then there are passionate moms feeding formula who quickly defend about “fed is best”! I personally feel, its not about what’s best for the baby but rather what’s best for YOUR baby

In fact I had to  formula feed K for initial 10 days when my supply was low. I have also carried all the bottles, formula, hot water around during those days! It was really a task. Hence, I have a huge respect for moms who managed formula feeding. I feel it equally tough to wake up every few hours or minutes to make that perfect formula milk for your baby during infancy! Pulling a boob out and feed felt easier!

I am sharing my extended breastfeeding story only to help someone who might be thinking whats it like and curious about the journey you may expect. No, I am not preaching. And I trust every mom who takes a decision about what to feed her baby is the best for them.

On another note, if you are an expecting mother or a new mom and plan to breastfeed your baby please join the Facebook group– Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers. It has been my go to place for advice and sanity during my initial breastfeeding struggle days.

extended breastfeeding

Why I chose extended breastfeeding

My child isn’t ready to wean – When Baby K was born, my goal was to breastfeed her for at least six months. When she turned 6 months I decided to carry on until she was 1. Around a time when she was 18 months I thought maybe she would wean and I wouldn’t lie, I even had an urge to try and wean her. One lame attempt and I realized I just couldn’t do it. Kenisha loves her milk and I know by now weaning her is going to be tough. So I will let her wean in her due course of time.

Personal preference to continue breastfeeding – One thing is sure – its easier to breastfeed a toddler than an infant. Once K turned a year old we were in a set routine of 3-4 feeds a day. One feed the moment she would wake up, followed by 2 naps and then one before bedtime. Around 18 months she dropped one nap and we came down to 3 feeds. Now at 2 its only for naps. Sometimes over weekends she may ask for more just coz mommy is available. And she can get her way. I oblige. It actually felt quite easy over the last one year.

Bonding time  – I absolutely love that I can help K sleep quickly by breastfeeding her. It is my magic power! It’s our special bonding time, our quite time when we stare at each other endlessly And I chuckle every time K chit chats during a feeding session. It’s funny nursing a talking toddler now! She tells me how tasty the milk is and often switches from one breast to the other saying I like “this one” more. Mothers milk is  a great way to support a child’s emotional needs. It’s now Kenisha’s source of warmth, cuddles and security more than just sustenance.

Convenience and comfort – During my recent super long vacation to France and Russia, I immediately agreed that breastfeeding saved us a zillion times. Being out and about sightseeing for 12-14 hours with a toddler isn’t a piece of cake. A cranky baby can be immediately calmed by a quick nursing session. Whether its the airport, in the flight, on a sightseeing bus tour, on a boat tour, at famous monuments we visited, the list goes on. I have no clue how else I would have survived it!

Health benefits – Of course we are all aware about the antibodies that are passed to our babies via the breast milk. It also helps to build a strong immunity. The constitution of mother milk also changes at each development stage of a child to help provide the balance source of nutrients.

If you need some more inspiration on Toddler Breastfeeding, you must visit my Friend Nayantara’s blog . And here is another interesting read on a mothers breastfeeding journey by Priyadarshani.

My advice to all mothers is this: DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT. Breastfeed until it no longer works for you and your baby. Wean if you feel right or continue as long as you are determined to. Never let anyone else dictate the rules of your motherhood experience.

I do get tired on some days but I have no clue where our journey will take us. So when am asked I just say My breast, my Baby J

I hope this blog inspired you and if it did, please drop your feedback or even better share it with others who may need a little inspiration! For more parenting blog topics by me click HERE