Play Shifu Augmented Reality – educational game for early child development?

What is Play Shifu?

It is an educational game based on augmented reality that aids the kids learning to a whole new level with interactive play mode.  It teaches kids object labeling or naming a item, its meaning, spelling and pronunciation. It puts key focus on a child’s cognitive and imagination skills by providing real world knowledge.

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Augmented reality apps are written in special 3D programs that allow the developer to tie animation or contextual digital information in the computer program to an augmented reality “marker” in the real world.

Play Shifu Product Range Available

Each set is based on a theme. Currently they offer 4 sets

  1. Shifu Safari – helps learning about animals, their habitats, sounds they make and food they eat
  2. Shifu Jobs – watch real world professionals in action
  3. Shifu Travel – all about travel on land, air and water
  4. Shifu space – creative way to learn about planets, solar system, satellites, space missions and renowned scientists

The bigger set is a box of 60 cards for Rs. 749 and the smaller with 20 cards are for Rs.299

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

Read all about Play Shifu HERE

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play shifu augmented realityHow Does Play Shifu work

For the first time you do need the internet to download the Free Play shifu app that’s available for both ios and Android devices. Once you have the app, you just need your cards to enjoy this fun game on the go!

Pick a card and place it correctly to allow the card come alive on the screen. We received the Shifu Safari Set so it allows the child to learn about the various animals, their habitats, foods they eat and sounds they make.

For older kids it also offers spelling quiz where they pop the balloons to learn the spelling.

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

How did it work for my 2 year old?

Play Shifu suggests the age for the games as 2-10 years.

With 60 animals cards it was pretty overwhelming for my 2 year old so I only began with 5 card at one time. It includes jungle, farm and pet animals, birds, and sea creatures too. A lot of variety and great idea to teach them in parts.

 What we loved about Play Shifu?

  1. High quality cardboard cards with a beautiful colored prints. They have a cellophane film to protect these from any water accidents too.
  2. Vast variety of well thought through cards allow for extended engagement.
  3. It’s a perfect way to eliminate screen time yet provide an interactive avenue to explore the real world and develop visualization, recognization, memory, imagination and creativity
  4. As my daughter is still 2 we are using these to learn just animal names, sounds they make and food they eat but soon enough it will challenge her with spelling and quizzes. This makes it a good investment for long term learning process.
  5. Once you install the app you never need internet connectivity to play this game.
  6. There are no adds or in app purchase. Also you can use the app code 3 times and hence use it on 3 different phones/gadgets
  7. Also once you explore a card it saves it in the library and you may not even need the card and still use the app to enjoy play shifu
  8. To top it all its completely child safe and easy for children to develop fine motor skills.

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

What could have been better?

I do not have a Tab and hence I used the app on my phone. I feel somehow the experience wasn’t the same for a phone user. I struggled a little to have the placement of the animals on the screen. If i moved a little, they would disappear from the screen sometimes and we had to begin again.

It heats up the mobile very quickly and does drain the battery. I hope that’s not the case while using a tab

 Do we suggest Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games?

In an era of technology this is a blessing in disguise as it works perfectly to create an interactive game for toddler, just the way they love to learn in a practical and real environment. Though it mentions the age 2-10, I do not think it may hold the same interest for a child who already knows or understand these concepts. Each age has a different requirement and level of challenge. However for the price, it’s a perfect investment for younger children to introduce them to a new world of augmented reality and excitement to learn various concepts.

Do watch out for these new release coming soon on their website.


Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games


P.S. – This is not a paid review. The product was sent by the company for free to review by me.

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  1. Shifu games look very interesting to keep little ones engaged and happy. These days kids are addicted to I pads and phones, anything better than just videos or cartoons is always great.

  2. Love the detailed review here. I think babyT would love the one with the animals a lot. He knows all their names already. and is now beginning to learn what they eat and where they live etc. I am going to try this.

  3. Your awesome post reminds me that I can myself develop something on augmented reality. I am a software developer by profession and some time back I did a small work on augmented reality only. Great post.

  4. Keeping kids away from screen is a hassle everyday. This seems to be a wonderful and creative idea. Would definitely buy it for my little one too. Thank you for sharing this.

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