Rainbow Theme DIY Baby Shower

Just like how a real rainbow is something beautiful and hopeful that comes after a storm, a rainbow baby shower was my way to celebrate the miracle in our life we awaited dearly. For me the Rainbow is a symbol of hope, love, joy, and beauty that comes after a painfully long journey of yearning for a child.

I planned my own Baby Shower! Yes, after all the doubts and anxiety I decided to celebrate with a handful of close friends! It was decided to be women only and planned under 20 days! Date was fixed and we kept it at our home as I felt comfortable being in my nest. My BFF helped to bring this to life and they booked their tickets to ensure we could set it up 2 days before the planned date.



DIY Decor

I knew I wanted it to be special and I took up to make my own decor! Call me crazy but I was determined to make it as colorful and theme cordinated!

Everything you see below was handmade by me! I used my electric die cutter to cut out baby shapes and then it was some long hours putting it together by hand.

  1. Several hangings were made with the cut out shapes
  2. Colourful paper fans added as accents at the main door and for the cake backdrop. I found cute colourful gift wrapping paper and used 4-6 of them to create the backdrop.
  3. I made rainbow hanging with some quilling paper strips and cotton.
  4. Banner to “Welcome Baby C” (C=Chauhan) for the center at entrance
  5. Photo booth backdrop with props and this was such a hit!
  6. Onesie shaped banner which the guests used to write a message for the mom to be and baby to come.


Return Favors

I thought about the return favors I wanted to give to all my lovely friends and I picked some Khadi soaps on Amazon. These came in various colours, smelled heavenly and were handmade. Along with it I added a 3 tea lights decorated with washi tapes and a sweet message isspired from Pinterst as you see below:

The Baby Shower Cake was planned by my husband. He wanted to surprise me and so once he knew the theme he told me to leave it on him. And I glad i did, it was the most beautiful cake and absolutely delicious

  • Rainbow Baby Shower Cake

Next was the food preps, now with was handled completely by my BFF. We even had cute names for each dish coordinated with the theme

Baby Shower Games!

Well unfortunately, I dont have many pics from this part of my showers but i do remember the games my friends had planned.

  1. Guess the bump size with a ribbon – Everyone was asked to cut a length of the ribbon that would fit the bump and the closest won!
  2. Whats in the basket : A basket full of baby products for the new arrival was showcased for 60 seconds and everyone was asked to pen down all the items. The first to get the maximum right won!

So that wraps up how we celebrated my Rainbow Theme Baby Shower! Sharing some of the happy moments from the fun day!


By the end of the party i had elephant feet and I swear I was too tired to even think of anything. But When I look back at my baby shower It has warm fuzzy feelings of sharing my joy with some of the best people in my lives!

I hope this post gives you some ideas in case you are planning your own or a friends baby shower! Lots of DIY ideas here or some on Pinterest can help you get started!

If you liked this post and found it fun, please do leave a comment and I hope to be more regular on my blog 🙂

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