Restore the Ph Balance of Your Intimate Area with the Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Range – Review

In continuation to my post on Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter, here is another important product that caters to our needs and one that most moms often ignore—the intimate area. You already know about the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Interestingly, even your intimate area is prone to changes during pregnancy! Yeast infections are more common in pregnancy than any other time, thanks to all the increased estrogen.

Here’s what you must know about pH Balance:

pH is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline (basic) a substance is. The scale runs from 0 to 14. A pH of less than 7 is considered acidic, and a pH of more than 7 is basic. The normal vaginal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, which is moderately acidic. However, during reproductive years (15-49) it can increase, leading to discharge, itchiness, and discomfort.

 In order to follow an intimate hygiene regimen, choose a product that helps take care of your intimate area and maintain the right pH balance, like Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash and Wipes.

Himalaya has introduced these two unique products to take care of your intimate area. The product is specially formulated for new moms, moms, and moms-to-be. I have started including Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash and Intimate Wipes as a part of my personal hygiene routine as well. I’ve been using these for a while now.


Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash gently cleanses the intimate area while maintaining freshness. Ingredients like Tea Tree Oil help relieve itching and irritation and Pongamia Oil helps prevent odor due to its anti fungal property.  

How to Use: Take a few drops in your hand and gently wash your intimate area with a little water. Rinse immediately post application.
My Experience: I liked the consistency of the wash–it is clear and runny. Just a few drops make me feel clean and fresh. This is my go-to product during my periods. Nonetheless, I think it’s a must during and after pregnancy.

200 ml – Rs. 205, 100 ml – Rs. 116. The product will last you long even when used daily. I prefer to keep a small bottle handy while I’m traveling.



Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wipes is a travel-friendly option and is enriched with Lavender Oil and  Pongamia Oil. Lavender Oil has a mild yet refreshing fragrance and helps eliminates odor, and Pongamia Oil helps reduce itching, irritation, and dryness.

How to use: Gently wipe your vaginal area from front to back and dispose after one use. The pack comes with 25 wipes and a seal to retain the moisture when not in use. I prefer to carry it to work as well.

My experience: I really like these wipes! I find them convenient and easy to use. Most importantly, they keep me fresh and do not cause any dryness or itchiness in the intimate area.
Pricing: Pack of 10 – Rs. 50, Pack of 25 – Rs. 110

I would like to hear about your views and experience in maintaining intimate hygiene? Do you agree, its ignored and think more awareness needs to be spread about the same?


Himalaya Mom Soothing Body Butter – Review

They say that being a mother changes you, and they aren’t kidding.

I still remember how my skin suddenly became dry and dehydrated during my pregger days. Figured out that hormones were the main reason – causing dry and itchy skin. I wanted to slather my skin with a body butter 24/7 because it was so dry!

If you are an expectant or new mom, the good news is that Himalaya has come up with not one but three amazing variants of Soothing Body Butters specially to take care of your demanding and changing skin. Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butters are specially formulated for women during pregnancy and beyond.

Himalaya FOR MOMS new launch – Body Butters

A trA trusted brand for years, I am happy to review their body butters knowing their formulae are the best of natural ingredients and are free from phthalates, parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, and tallow. These Soothing Body Butters are suitable for moms with dry skin!

For best results use the Himalaya Mom Soothing Body butter twice daily

I have been using the new Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter every day as a morning and night ritual. It makes my skin super hydrated, soft, and supple. These body butters have 2 key ingredients:

  • Cocoa Butter – which is a natural antioxidant. This soothes, hydrates while keeping the skin balanced
  • Glycerin – which is a humectant that locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated for longer.

I really liked how Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter comes in 3 soothing fragrances which are very effective in distressing too! My favorite in order are Lavender, Rose, and Jasmine. Which one’s your favorite?

I would totally recommend Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter to anyone who loves happy and supple skin! Please remember, this body butter intensively moisturizes and nourishes your skin, and it gets absorbed pretty quick, doesn’t leave an oily feel, and makes your skin glow!

At Rs.320 for a 200ml tub of Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter- Lavender, it is going to last pretty long! You can also get it in a 100ml or 50ml size to try it first, at all major online and offline stores.

Is Montessori right for my child?

To quote Maria Montessori: “… Education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being. It is not acquired by listening to words, but in virtue of experiences in which the child acts on his environment. The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of motives for cultural activity in a special environment made for the child.”

Here are few reasons why a Montessori maybe a right fit for your child

Montessori schools are most suited to children in families where there is respect for the child, the parent set few but clear limits, and the child learns to respect and follow these limits. It won’t work if you let the child do what they want and when they want or if you are just the opposite and are way too strict too. Its about a balanced approach.

It doesn’t matter what is the learning style for your child. Montessori works for all children. The materials offers opportunities to learn visually, aurally, kinaesthetically (through touch) and even verbally. Kenisha need both visual and touch and feel so this works well for her!

I love how a Montessori Class is quite quiet! The children seem focused on their activities without the teacher having to yell to calm them down. Yet they are allowed to move around in the class, which is great for toddlers who can’t sit in one place for too long, something I truly appreciate

Most articles will say that Montessori programs are especially good for children who are self-directed, can work independently for extended lengths of time, and work well alone or in small groups. But in my opinion a Montessari teacher plays a huge role to bring all children to be independent over a period of time at their own pace.

The focus in Montessori curriculum is on individual learning. This allows children to work at their own pace and can also provide a healthy environment for special needs children.

Is a Montessori School Right for Your Child? – Take this Quiz by Eden Prairie Montessori

Montessori vs Traditional School

Personally I cannot say which one is better than the other because they both are unique ways to promote development and education. I think its truly a personal choice every parent needs to make.

To sum up here is a an excerpt that helps to put it in perspective

“A traditional school environment tends to be highly structured in terms of time—if you know what time it is, you know what the children are doing—but it’s loosely structured in terms of space. Montessori is the reverse: highly structured in space and loosely structured in time. If you know where children are in the room, you know what they’re doing, but the time is free. In play-based child care, teachers tend to swing between letting the children play and doing teaching activities.”

Choosing a Montessori School?

If you are interested in supporting the development of giftedness, creativity, and talent in your children then take a look at the Montessori options available in your vicinity

If you choose to send your child to a Montessori school,

  1. Make sure the school you’ve chosen is affiliated with and accredited by a Montessori organization. Also check about the
  2. Tour the school and talk with your child’s teacher/principal to determine if it is the right fit for your family.
  3. Distance/proximity plus an additional Daycare within the premise is perfect for working parents (that’s how we made our pick)
  4. To see the true difference of a Montessori education prepare to keep the child all through early years until they are ready for class 1.
  5. Keep in mind your finances and your future plans for your childs education. This will also help you decide whether you prefer Montessori or another board.

If you’re considering Montessori versus a traditional school for your child, do your research, both in person and online. I recommend you talk to parents who’ve sent to both schools you’re considering. Your child’s education is the most important gift you’ll give him, so choose wisely. No pressure or anything.

If you enjoyed this article you may be interested to Montessori Classroom at Home for Toddlers -The Easy Setup Guide read and Why I chose to send my 2 year old to a Montessori preschool?

What is your perspective on Montessori? Do share in comments 🙂

Tina’s Toy Time Review – A toy YouTube Channel for babies and toddlers

I was always that disapproving person looking at moms who would give a mobile to their child to watch YouTube. Yes, I would judge such parenting styles and tell myself I wouldn’t allow any screen time, if I ever had a child.

Being a Mother changed my perspective

Unsaid, I totally changed my viewpoint once I was hit with motherhood. I am still very strict about screen-time but I haven’t banned it like I thought I would! I think we wouldn’t have survived!

Even with the limited screen-time allowed to children the biggest question mark is monitoring what they are watching, especially when it comes to YouTube. I rarely allow Kenisha to watch it when am in tight spots and have run out of all valid suitable ways to keep her engaged. Like when you are at a doctors clinic with a pin drop silence, on an important official call that needs


Say Hello to Tina’s Toy Time

When Tina from Tina’s Toy Time asked me to review her newly launched YouTube channel, I was really intrigued! This came right at a stage when Kenisha had a new found love for all sort of toy videos she recently discovered on YouTube where hands would pick, drop and play with toys but sometimes these cute videos turned strange with weird flashy animation or inappropriate content.

Tina’s Toy time was such a relief because I loved the simplicity of her videos. It looked like real interaction with another person and with toys most babies and toddlers play at their age. Her choice of toys and articles used are always very exciting for the kids and the background effects are too cute, especially the baby giggles and the wows! Her English articulation and vocabulary is clear and easy to follow and perfect for children who do not have English as their first language.

The videos are themed in various categories like alphabets, colours, numbers, shapes and so on.  Though her channel recommends its suitability to 15 months to 3 years but my daughter is 3.5 years and absolutely enjoys it! In fact any child who loves such colourful videos would absolutely enjoy her channel!

Why NPAT Blog Recommends TTT?

Tina Kowalow is a certified Teacher in Canada and a mother of two. She is the perfect person to understand children and create videos that can help harness their imagination using creative and stimulating content. Every child enjoys audio visual and if these can be made educational while cleverly incorporating age appropriate concepts, a child may learn several new words watching a 5 minutes video!

I see how Kenisha repeats after Tina while watching her videos and sometimes she tries to replicate what she saw which is such a great accomplishment in my view.  In today’s time its impossible, especially for busy parents like us to get things done without relying on screen time. But being mindful of the content and selective we can stay rest assured about the exposure our children gain. This is yet another learn through play experience when real play is not an option.

I asked Tina about her future plans and this is what she had to say

When it comes to future plans for TTT, the sky is the limit. Tina is in her element when she’s creating videos – it channels her passion for educating in a fun, technological way that’s unique to the teaching field. So, she can see herself creating such videos as long as they’re in demand.

Her ultimate goal is to create toys, “Tina’s Toys” – non-toxic, safe toys – that coincide with the TTT philosophy of inspiring children’s own imaginative play.

Am helping Tina reach out to more parents looking for fun educational video through YouTube.  If you are one then hit the subscribe button HERE because she adds really amazing videos often. Her current Christmas themed videos are Kenisha’s favourite. Loved the simplistic way of narrating the Christmas story

Not only this we have a giveaway at my Instagram account for 2 lucky moms to win vouchers worth Rs.1000 each. Yes!! we need help to spread the word. Click HERE to join this giveaway.

Don’t forget to share below in comments a review about TTT and your take on screen time 🙂

Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Before you sign up

There are Triathlons and there are long distance Ultra Distance Triathlons. And somewhere in between there are Extreme Triathlons. But what makes these Extreme Triathlons like Celtman unique and different? First, the weather conditions as well as the course is on the extreme end. Secondly these are self supported races. They are built to make you suffer in more ways than one. And in this suffering alongside other athletes and support crew, you not only become a part of a family but also live though some of the most memorable moments in your life. I got introduced to these crazy races while doing a research on my first IRONMAN Triathlon. For someone who was then struggling to swim 100 mtrs without a break, the thought of doing an extreme triathlon should have been scary. It indeed was, but it just gave me goosebumps and at some level got me excited. Maybe that was a sign enough for me to take the plunge. But of course I wasn’t ready for it then. How the journey unfolded warrants another blog entry, so in this one I will purely focus on highlighting what you are up for, if you are considering Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon.


Before dwelling into other facets, here is brief snapshot of what Celtman entails:

SWIM: 3.4 kms in Loch Sheildaig (temp around 11-13 degrees) infested with jellyfish

CYCLE: Bike through a distance of 202 kms (approx 2000m elevation) across sections of rolling hills in cold and mostly rainy conditions

RUN: Last but not the least, the run takes you on a beautiful, yet brutal course of 42.2 kms across munros before ending at the community hall in Torridon village.


The ballot for Celtman opens every year around November. The application process is fairly simple and self-explanatory. There is no limit to the number of entries the organisers accept, but yes, as the title suggests, it’s a ballot and there are fixed number of entries which get accepted every year. And this is not on first come first serve basis, which means, unlike black Friday sales in US, you don’t have to sacrifice your sleep for getting a foot inside the door. There is a deadline for submitting the entries. The shortlisted candidates will receive a confirmation via email on the pre-decided date. If you have received a confirmation, you will be asked to submit the race fee within a week or so. In case you decide not to go ahead with the race owing to your personal reasons, you can always decline and there will be a wait-list as well.


I am bringing this upfront as this is the part which gave me sleepless nights. I waited for my confirmation before even doing any research on stay and had to shoot out atleast 60 emails to different B&B, Hotels within 10kms radius before I managed to get a confirmation. However, later when I met other athletes, I learned that most folks tend to block a place even before the shortlist is announced. Worst case scenario, you lose out on a small deposit, but definitely save yourself from the hassle of finding an accommodation later. This part of the highlands predominantly has Bed and Breakfast setups or you can also book a cottage. The budget of course varies basis the location, size and amenities. The other option that you can look at are camping sites for campervans in and around Torridon. There is one 3 mins walk from the Torridon Community hall – the venue for the expo, race briefing and also the end point for the race. If you are not comfortable or don’t have an experience of camping in the past, then it is not advisable. Owing to the heavy winds on the day before the race briefing, one of the athletes had to manage the tent almost flying off the ground.

Most of the B&B setups will have their independent sites, listings such as Steve Carter, FB groups etc. Not many AirBnb options were available when we checked. While the race will start in Sheildaig and there are some options available right outside the starting point. This takes care of your start point and T1 access. T2 this time around was in Kinlochewe and as luck would have it, it was just 2-3 mins run from where our cottage was. The race ends at Torridon, which is like a 15 min drive. You can search for places to stay in Torridon, Sheildaig, Loch Carron, Kinlochewe, Lower Diabaig or Strathcarron. For race briefing and registration, it won’t be a challenge to even drive down for an hour, but remember that you will have to report in early on race day in Sheildaig Church Hall between 3 am to 4 am.


Your life line through Celtman. Your support crew can make or break things for you. You are free to choose the number of people you want in your support crew. But remember that only one of them will be permitted to assist you in T1. It is mandatory to have one support runner accompany you beyond T2A (18 km mark in run). Goes without saying, he or she has to be an experienced runner. In my case, I had checked with a close friend to club the race with a vacation, but owing to his schedule it couldn’t work out. Even though he was kind enough to fly in only for the race, I thought it might be too much to ask. It is another coincidence and story how I found my support runner. A local resident of Loch Carron, fantastic person, familiar with mountain routes and a good runner himself. He was familiar with the entire route and more than that, he made our entire journey and experience memorable.


If you live in a country where the weather is nowhere close to what Scottish Highlands have to offer, then I would suggest that you come in a few days earlier. It will help you settle down and also explore the route and decide on the game plan along with your support crew. Do a few short rides, runs and definitely swims to say hello to jellyfish


It opens up two days in advance. A schedule will be shared with you. Some of the equipment that you need for your race day, right from neoprene hood to show cover to rain proof jackets are up for sale during the expo – only until the stocks last. You have the chance to also purchase Celtman merchandise – Tees, Jackets, Jerseys, Kilts etc. There are two briefing slots basis your bib number as there is limited space to accommodate everyone at the same time. Please pay attention to the briefing. You and your support runner will also have to get your respective mandatory kits checked at the expo before you get your bibs

Race Briefing at Torridon Community Hall


Unlike IM events, you don’t have to put your bikes on the rack a day before. You have to carry it on the race day morning and place all your T1 gear next to it. Only one person from your support crew wearing the Celtman Support Tee will be allowed to assist you in T1. You can also carry a foldable chair to sit at ease and change.


From Sheildaig, you will board a bus to the starting point of the race. This is when you might get anxious or tenses. But the sound of bagpiper and the drums gets you charged up for the race. The water is really cold, especially for athletes who do not have access to water bodies in such temperatures. I chose comfort over drag – covered myself from head to toe in neoprene suit, booties, gloves and hat. The cold temperature will hit you as though thousand needles have been pierced into your face.  The water temp can go as low as 11 degrees. Ensure that you do 2-3 short swims in the lake prior to race day to create a game plan to deal with this. There will be fields of jellyfish and you will have to swim through them. Of course, you need to keep calm, there is no way you can simulate this in your pool. Once out of the water, you might feel slightly disoriented. So be careful when you are getting out from the rocky pavement. Keep a warm cover in T1 to cover yourself for the short span while you change. Have some warm coffee if that helps to relieve yourself of the cold temperature.

Swim Start by Kai-Otto Melau

Group photo before the swim start by Kai-Otto Melau

Entering the loch by Kai-Otto Melau



The course is nothing but absolutely beautiful! Enjoy every bit of spectacular view that you come across as there will never be a dull moment. The course won’t kill you, but the weather can definitely catch you by surprise. I saw riders in multiple layers and I saw some brave hearts in sleeveless through the entire bike course. There is one clear mantra to survive it – Stay warm and focus on comfort over being aero. If you get wet in the rain, then chances of catching cold are higher as you pass through the open fields. Avoid that situation as that will set you back on the course, like it did in my case. You support crew can meet you at any given point post the first stretch until Kinlochewe. The road until this point is pretty narrow and this rule is to avoid traffic jam or chaos. But don’t worry, you generally don’t need your support crew for the first 10-12 kms, unless there is an emergency. If you can, keep some warm team or coffee with your support crew – it can help to battle the cold.

Bike Course profile and route for Celtman 2018

Bike Course by Steve Ashworth

Bike Course by Steve Ashworth

Bike course by Steve Ashworth

Bike Course by Steve Ashworth

Bike Course by Kai-Otto Melau

Bike Course by Kai-Otto Melau

Bike Course by Kai-Otto Melau



For flatlanders, this is nothing short of brutal. If you are not into trail running, you will definitely find this tough to deal with. Barring the first 5kms, between 16-18kms mark and the last 5-7kms, there is nothing which you can call fairly flat and even. You will absolutely need to know how to read a map or have a support crew who knows it well. I was lucky to have a support runner who dint need a map at all for this course. T2A is at 18km mark and if you make the cut off time, you get to go on the high level course. The rest have to cover the low level course. Don’t get fooled by the term “low level”, it is not easy by any means. Both have enough and more sections where you possibly cannot run and will have to hike. In order to qualify for the lower course, you still need to make it to the cut off.

There is a list of mandatory gears that you need for the run section, please do not take it lightly. The weather on these munros can really change within minutes. The temperature can drop down to as low as 5 degrees on top of these mountains. The mandatory kit for you and your support runner will be  checked again at T2A. The Celtman organisers will also asses your health at this point. If you are a flatlander, you are in for a big surprise on this run course. One thing you need to add to your kit is a pair of light hiking poles. Trust me they really help and provide the support you need when your legs are all beaten up.

Getting towards T2A by Kai-Otto Melau

Going for the high level course by Kai-Otto Melau

Navigating through the hilly course by Steve Ashworth

Technical descends by by Steve Ashworth

The section where you descend from high level course

Getting back to flatland by Steve Ashworth



Dont forget to relish the beer at the finish line of Cetlman, it will be the hardest you would have worked for one in your life. The T-shirt distribution and group photo is captured the next day at Torridon community hall. This is the time you also get to interact with the other athletes. As the organisers rightly pointed out, irrespective of how rough the weather is on race day, but on the day of the group photo, there is a clear weather for a nice picture. They also throw a small party in the evening at the Torridon Community Hall. You get to learn some Scottish / Irish dance moves and definitely works well as your recovery workout.

NOTE: When a Scott says that’s its easy, you must brace yourself for a storm that’s coming your way. The idea of this summary is just to give you a sense of what you can expect at Celtman. And what are the key things you should keep into account if you are considering this race. Of course, for the locals and residents of countries which offer similar course or weather conditions for training, this might not be very useful.

A quick look at some memories from Celtman 2018 in a short film by Erik Putsep and Paul Lockhart

The film from Celtman 2015, which really got me excited about the format and race gives you a a very brief insight into what it entails:

Another interesting documentary “A Race for Lords” by PeigneeVerticale about French athlete Jean-Sébastien Rolin who has taken part in Celtman Extreme Triathlon 2018, in Scotland. Not my story but loved how it has been beautifully captured

And of course, Scotland is a beautiful country to explore. You must take some time out post your race to relish the beauty of this wonderful country. Check this fantastic video from John Duncan –  it will make you fall in love with Scotland.

You can also refer to the Celtman 2018 Race Manual for more details. Stay tuned for my race experience in the subsequent race report. I have kept the blog really brief, but if you want more details, feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or drop me an email on