Fine Motor Skills Tools for Toddlers – A must buy for new moms

Keeping a toddler or a preschooler occupied at home is a herculean task. When I began homeschooling Kenisha at the age of 14 months I realized that apart from the basics DIY at home there were some very good educational puzzles, toys and must have tools that really helped her progress in all areas of life skills , especially fine motor skills.


I often get asked a lot about the materials I get for her, so I decided to compile a list of must have tools to build fine motor skills for toddlers 2-3 years old. You can click on the images to directly buy the product.

GO-SCIENCE Learning Resources Hands Helping Fine Motor Tool Set

On top of my list is this perfect kit! This was bought almost a year ago and was reintroduced to Kenisha several times till she got a hang of it. It has 4 Tools to promote different muscle movements and are a great way to get fingers to work together and improve fine motor skills. Set Includes Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers And Squeezy Tweezers.


Multi Functional Wooden Writing Board For Kids 

Writing on vertical surfaces helps to promote gross and fine motor development. This upright position engages the core muscles and also works to help improve dexterity and control. Click here to read the benefits of working on vertical surfaces. This is a double sided easel with a magnetic whiteboard and a chalkboard on either side. Kids will love to stick magnets on this or enjoy coloring and drawing almost like pre writing skills.

Mungyo Finger Paint – Set Of 6 Colors

This set was gifted to us and am glad to have it! This is a  non toxin, smooth to touch and yes washable paint! Perfect for tiny babies for their first master piece. Its very smooth and has bright brilliant colours. We love to use this for all our finger paintings and great way to enjoy fine motor skills as well!

Fisher Price Doodle Pro Slim

This was one of the best investments we made! Highly recommend this for scribblers. Touch-wood our walls and furniture survived. This is a great tool to encourage pre writing skills as it has a pen stylus plus few shapes to encourage creativity. Give a kid the doodle pro and let their imagination run wild. I have to say I and Kenisha’s dad enjoy it more than her sometimes!

Magic Sand Activity Play set with Inflatable Sandbox & Molds

I believe in messy play,but its not always possible to find clean sand pits or even just sand pits in the neighborhood. I truly recommend this kit with sand, some molds and definitely inflatable sandbox to keep it clean, well almost! It looks like wet sand yet is completely dry, leave it out for hours, days, weeks it will never change consistency! It only sticks to itself meaning that there is no stickiness, no sand grains in everything, and its EASY to clean up! fine tuning their fine motor development, as Kinetic Sand is a hands-on material it encourages children to squeeze, squish, smash, cut, poke, pinch, roll, and flatten it. They can also scoop it up with utensils and build castles, and mold shapes and so much more!

Did you find this list helpful? Please do share a comment and let me know

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  1. Magic sand and the fisher price doodle were two of Karma’s favourites too. We in fact have carried the doodle while traveling too and it was very handy on super long flights! Totally recommend it!

  2. This is a good list, and fortunately I have most of these things for my toddler. Thank you for sharing.

  3. An informative post, Karuna. I have most of the mentioned ones, though I wanted the learning resource toolset. but the price was a concern. Thankfully I found alternatives.

  4. Oh wow, what a coincidence! Just today my neighbor was mentioning her toddler’s hand and gross motor skills. Will recommend her this post to check out before getting on to order a few toys.

  5. This is so cool! I did not know there are toys for motor skills development too. Sharing this with my aunt for her lil one. 🙂

  6. FisherPrice doodle has been A&A’s favorite. We got it a year back for them and they still love it! Quite a useful list of toys for kids ??

  7. Doodle one is little one’s fav too. I have been planning to buy the sand set for kuhu for quite some time now, thank you for the recommendation. I am definitely going to pick this one out.

  8. I love the finger paint kit too and the kinetic sand is something i need to invest in as well..thank you for sharing checking them out

  9. My kids love finger painting and sand play. I get the nontoxic paints from the US and trust they are so good. No staining and no leftover paint marks. I will definitely check out the one that you recommended.

  10. Such toys are designed scientifically hence so apt for the toddlers. It helps in brain development. I will try this out for my son.