Montessori Classroom at Home for Toddlers -The Easy Setup Guide

Montessori classroom at Home for Toddlers

When Kenisha was 14-15 months old I slowly adapted the Montessori space for a toddler. What I was trying to achieve and still aim at is an independent child who wants help to do everything herself. Creating the Montessori environment aids this development.

What I was trying to achieve and still aim at is an independent child who wants help to do everything herself. If you missed, you must read my last post about How homeschooling can make the transition to a preschool easy

Creating an environment goes a long way to support your child’s early development needs.

And it can be done really easily and quickly. Trust me, you don’t need to be supremely creative or have a huge space or spend thousands on materials and equipment to get started.  Lastly, don’t worry about the materials. Use available resources, up-cycle, recycle but just maintain the order.

Easy ideas to set up a Montessori classroom at home

Be the child – crawl on your fours if need be but look at the space from their perspective. How does everything around look? Is there open space? Easy to navigate? Can you reach for your favourite books and toys?

Open space Environment

Open space – All we need is either an empty small room or just move the furniture around so you can create some floor space. Don’t be afraid to arrange and rearrange till it feels attractive, welcoming and  conducive to learning

Setting Up a Montessori classroom at Home

Montessori Shelf

Montessori Shelf – The most basic requirement is to have low shelves that allow young children to reach and access the material without adult intervention.  As a parent (moderator) you must ensure to explain that these materials are special and need to be handled carefully and put back once used. The items you put on the shelf will vary as per your child’s age and development progress.

Setting Up a Montessori classroom at Home

Containers and baskets

Boxes and Trays – Each material/activity must be a separate identity. First plan your week ahead and then choose an age appropriate activity in each development section such as – motor skills, language, maths etc. You may mix and match to suit your child’s learning curve

Setting Up a Montessori classroom at Home

Child size furniture

Child size it all – Invest in child sized furniture like table chair, small spoons, bowls, child-friendly small glasses. Basically, an environment that feels comfortable and accessible. Also, invest in functional and actual material like wooden than plastic. Children learn to appreciate the materials when introduced early on. Support practical like to encourage order, concentration, coordination, and independence

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Setting Up a Montessori classroom at Home

Don’t worry about mats – ideally, mats are the workspace in a Montessori environment but for an infant or a toddler mats don’t mean anything. Best is to have one large carpet in the center of the room and slowly build the habit for mats

Setting Up a Montessori classroom at Home


Keep it organized –Blocks go on one shelve/box, toys in another, books go on bookshelves so on. Keep ample space and let each material “breathe” so as to avoid confusing the child. Don’t let it cram and be overwhelming for the child or rather confusing.

Setting Up a Montessori classroom at Home

Free Play

Do not control the child but the environment – Your purpose is to support your child’s eagerness to do everything themselves. Support them by providing the right material and environment. when you see them disinterested in the material – remove it, if they have succeeded at a puzzle and no longer find it challenging the move to the next level. Kids feel disheartened if they ask to play with materials that you do not wish them to enjoy yet. Keep them away instead, till you find them ready.

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  1. This is a wonderful post. My son just turned a year old and I have already started organising his stuff to help in learning, Your post gives me lots of tips 🙂

  2. Looks like fabulous idea for young moms. I loved the way you penned this article. Yes, you are right that we have to control our environment than we control our kids. Happy to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa.

  3. Your space looks warm and welcoming as well as challenging to a toddler. It’s a great idea to have a set up such as this one at home. When my twins were young I did let them do a lot things and indulge in all kinds of activities but I was no where as organised as you are.

  4. Very nice and interesting post. A must read for the parents having growing children… Very nicely articulated mentioning the details very neatly!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. All my girl’s stuff is kept at a comfortable height and she picks and choosed whatever she wants to do. Your arrangement is lot prettier though. Some good tips and tricks that I can work on. Thanks. 🙂

  6. You have a lovely blog Karuna. The blog name stayed with me since blogchatter lunch. May I suggest you share the links to your blog on FB communities like Gurgaon Mom ( if you do not already ) as I read some queries there on homeschooling for toddlers.

  7. Creating an organized environment definitely helps the child to get in the habit of putting things at their respective places. And this can only happen if they see things arranged that way. Your Montessori setup looks perfect!! I have a 15 months old and whenever I ask him to give me some particular toy, he knows where to look for because they are at his eye level ad easily accessible.

  8. Wow its very informative post for moms of toddlers. I never even think about setting any area like this in my house for my toddlers. It’s very useful for kids learning and growing in the house environment. Great idea. Not exactly same but I will try something like this in my house too.

  9. This is very interesting. I believe that this will definitely help in the toddlers process of transitioning, learning and most of being intuitive at a very early stage.

  10. Interesting post here, finding a place which suits our kid’s physic is more crucial than any other thing in this world. And yes, your place looks very clean and well kept 😉