KONG Puppy – One toy with multiple benefits for your growing puppy

“As a pup, I used to gobble up my food from the bowl in flat less than 1 minute. Yeah, it took me a while to develop that speed JBut then one day, instead of the food in bowl, I had a strange caterpillar lookalike thing landing in front of me when I barked for food. I could smell the food and on treading further, realised that my food was stuffed inside this thing which I later came to know was called KONG Puppy. It took me some effort to finally figure out how it works, the material was quite sturdy and I was unable to bite it. Eventually I realised that I can either use my two paws to squeeze the food out of it, or press it between my jaws. Once some amount of food was out, then it was a combination of my paws, jaws, tongue and most importantly … perseverance.
No longer was eating food a task which could be completed in a minute; by the time I finished cleaning up the entire food from the KONG Puppy, I was tired. I would drink some water and then take a nap.” Moose
The KONG Puppy toy is the original toy that started the KONG Puppy product line made with exclusive teething rubber formula. The material used is extremely sturdy, non-toxic, not easy to chew off but at the same time soft for a puppy’s gums. Ideal for pups from the age of 2 uptil they turn 9 months old. Depending on the breed and size of the pup, you can choose from S (< 20 lbs), M (15-35 lbs) and L (30-50 lbs) sizes. Ideally upto the point he has got rid of his milk-teeth. After that he can graduate to other products KONG has in larger size and stronger rubber based on durability. The KONG Classic is perfect for dogs who love to chew and KONG Extreme range is ideal for dogs that have a stronger bite and chew more than others.

If you are feeding your dog home cooked meal like rice, chicken stock, curd and meat, you can mash the mixture and stuff it inside the KONG Puppy. If you are feeding him packaged food from Royal Canin or Pedgiree, keep the food portion soaked in water for 5-8 minutes. You will notice that it starts absorbing the water and becomes softer. Now you can stuff it inside the toy and let you pup enjoy his meal. KONG also offers KONG Stuff’n treat separately which are specifically for these tours. What else, once he is done with the meal, you can also use the toy to play fetch and even stuff his treats inside it.

More often than not, people invest money in picking up other rubber toys which might not provide any mental stimulation and not be of a good quality. But spending between INR 400-800 is a worthwhile investment for the benefits it offers. When we wanted to purchase ours, it was available only on Heads Up for Tails.
A few benefits of the KONG Puppy:
  1. Better use and coordination with paws while balancing KONG Puppy to dispense food
  2. Unusual shape aids in unpredictable bounce while playing fetch
  3. Soft puppy rubber formula great for soothing sore gums
  4. Instils a discipline while eating meals
  5. Promoted proper chewing behaviour
“Stay tuned as I share more of my experiences” – Moose

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