JS Puzzles free jigsaw puzzle website – Review

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I always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles as I found them very competitive and super engaging! But who has time to buy, sit and play in today fast tech world. Gone are those days!

I just came across this amazing website www.jspuzzles.com which is a free jigsaw puzzles website, fun and safe for all ages.  It’s a perfect fun way to enjoy a break from work while keeping your brains totally kicking some thought process.

About JS Puzzles  –  The website offers a new jigsaw puzzle every day! If you subscribe you receive t free unique puzzles in your inbox every morning! They post a new puzzle everyday and have a wide variety of themes available – Nature, Places, Animals, Scenery and more!


jspuzzles free jigsaw puzzle online

jspuzzles free jigsaw puzzle online

Why JS Puzzles?

This user friendly website allows you to actually create own puzzle. Here is what you can choose to make this customsied for you!

  1. Choose a theme – there are so many to suit your mood.
  2. Number of puzzle pieces – great from a completive fun
  3. Size of puzzles from small or large – suitable for all age groups
  4. Shape of puzzle pieces which can make it simple or complex can beat the best time listes
  5. Finally you can time yourself and see if y

Being age appropriate these are great for younger kids too who can operate a computer or a tab.  Since my girl is just two we sat together and she loved it as I put this Lion puzzle together. I tried to enagage her as much as possible!


jspuzzles free jigsaw puzzle online

As a homeschooling mom I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of puzzles for young children. From fine motor skills to mental development, puzzles help us to understand space and the concept that everything has its place.

As we know jigsaw puzzles are perfect for memory building and also enhance problem solving skills. The only completion is time! How quickly can you solve a puzzle? It teaches you patience and and perseverance in the face of difficulty. And this one is perfect for all the adults to try.

I find myself reaching out to this www.jspuzzles.com  to clear of my mind and take a break. Do give it a try and am sure your whole family can enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.

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