Himalaya Mom Soothing Body Butter – Review

They say that being a mother changes you, and they aren’t kidding.

I still remember how my skin suddenly became dry and dehydrated during my pregger days. Figured out that hormones were the main reason – causing dry and itchy skin. I wanted to slather my skin with a body butter 24/7 because it was so dry!

If you are an expectant or new mom, the good news is that Himalaya has come up with not one but three amazing variants of Soothing Body Butters specially to take care of your demanding and changing skin. Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butters are specially formulated for women during pregnancy and beyond.

Himalaya FOR MOMS new launch – Body Butters

A trA trusted brand for years, I am happy to review their body butters knowing their formulae are the best of natural ingredients and are free from phthalates, parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, and tallow. These Soothing Body Butters are suitable for moms with dry skin!

For best results use the Himalaya Mom Soothing Body butter twice daily

I have been using the new Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter every day as a morning and night ritual. It makes my skin super hydrated, soft, and supple. These body butters have 2 key ingredients:

  • Cocoa Butter – which is a natural antioxidant. This soothes, hydrates while keeping the skin balanced
  • Glycerin – which is a humectant that locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated for longer.

I really liked how Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter comes in 3 soothing fragrances which are very effective in distressing too! My favorite in order are Lavender, Rose, and Jasmine. Which one’s your favorite?

I would totally recommend Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter to anyone who loves happy and supple skin! Please remember, this body butter intensively moisturizes and nourishes your skin, and it gets absorbed pretty quick, doesn’t leave an oily feel, and makes your skin glow!

At Rs.320 for a 200ml tub of Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter- Lavender, it is going to last pretty long! You can also get it in a 100ml or 50ml size to try it first, at all major online and offline stores.

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    • Himalaya is a trustworthy brands I m use Himalaya face wash and cream for my skin and my daughter too . Great reviews mam love to try the new range of Himalaya mom soothing body butter .i saw the results ur skin glowing .??????????

  1. I have used Himalaya body butter and totally love it. These get easily absorbed in the skin and keep it moisturized for a long time. On a different note, I love your curls too 🙂

  2. I go by your reviews, have been following you since a while and my likings go perfectly well with your reviews. I want to win this giveaway…

  3. @himalaya.babycare my obvious choice for my baby always. For myself @himalaya.wellness hs always done miracles. @himalayapersonalcare is the definition for Neem n Aloe vera fasewashes. Yes Im a true genuine n happy user of Himalaya products. I ? wud surly like to try their new range.

  4. Himalaya is a great brand, and have been our partner for ages. Skincare is must be it any day, any time. During pregnancy it becomes all the more necessary. BTW you look gorgeous in all the images.

  5. Wish they have something so apt and pampering for skin care when I was pregnant. Himalaya products are my first choice for my family always!

  6. I am keen to try out this body butter, thanks for sharing such a detailed review. Really liked how you incorporated every details!

  7. Himalaya is a trusted brand and I have used many products from them. Currently using a face wash by the brand. Will surely try this cream next.

  8. Himalaya is the brand which I also use for my kids and I have already used Himalaya body lotions. This came especially for mothers, I am loving it. Trustworthy Brand. One should definitely go for this.

  9. It’s very important to take good care of skin during pregnancy.This body butter sounds good and affordable too