Healthy Snacking now made easy with The Green Snack Co

Healthy Snacking. Does that sound realistic? In a country like India where Fried food makes for most of the snacks, the easiest healthy snack option are fruits! But how many times do we wish we had more option?


Say Hello to The Green snack Co.

I received this super healthy, power packed hamper by the Green Snack Co. My first as always is to check the nutritional value. And I was surprised to note that these healthy snacks were made using fresh and natural ingredients, without any added sugar, preservatives, additives and MSG. Wow!

About the Products

The Quinoa puffs are an absolute hit in our house. Quinoa is a gluten free and high in protein grain which is a fabulous substitute for other cereals. These are made up of a mixture of all super grains like Ragi, Soy, rice, and maize. Delicious and healthy! No wonder my husband who is a triathlete loves them and wants me to stock more of these! My 2-year young toddler munched and crunched and as a mother I did not feel guilty!

The Quinoa Puffs come in 3 variants

  1. The Green Snack Co Quinoa Puffs – Peppy Cheese, 50g Pouch
  2. The Green Snack Co Quinoa Puffs – Zesty Kale, 50g Pouch
  3. The Green Snack Co Quinoa Puffs – Saucy Salsa, 50g Pouch

We tried the first two and our favourite is the Peppy Cheese, for obvious reasons!

Another series of their products are Kale chips. Kale is a super healthy and very popular green vegetable worldwide. So exciting to see The Green snack co offer these as chips. Yes, Kale chips. These are so new and unique. And since we don’t yet have a palette for kale it was a new taste but these did taste nice esoecially at are great option of healthy snacking. Kale is rich in calcium, Iron, proteins, fibre and antioxidants. It’s a perfect powerhouse snack for all age groups!

The Kale chips are available in three flavours:

  1. The Green Snack Co. Thai Sweet Chilli Kale Chips, 30g
  2. The Green Snack Co. Sea Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips, 30g
  3. The Green Snack Co. Cheese and Onion Kale Chips, 30g

healthy snacking

Here are some quick facts about these healthy snacks:

  •           These are made of nutritious grains, Quinoa, Amaranth, Soy, Ragi and Maize which are Good Source of Protein
  •           Well seasoned to add a delicious taste
  •           They are Gluten and Cholesterol Free
  •           Not fried or baked but Roasted
  •           Most importantly made of fresh ingredients with no Added Preservative

About The Green Snack co.

When I read up about this brand I found out that the founder, Jasmine, spent close to a decade-and-a-half on weight issues and faced daily internal conflicts and failed diets. It was her zeal to make healthy snacking mainstream. The new generation is looking for means for an improved and healthy snacking option. And this company is on their A game to get it right. So glad someone took up this initiative!

Where to buy?

Fors Rs.80 and Rs.200 you can purchase all the amazing snacks by the Green Snack Co products online at Amazon and BigBasket.

To know more, visit their website or Facebook page. You can even get to see more information on their Instagram.

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