Organic and Natural Baby Skincare by Gaia Natural Baby – Review

Natural and organic skin care products for babies are the new buzz words and there has never been so much demand for such products. As an Indian mom, most of us are aware of the benefits of such products as we have followed traditional home care methods like besan ubtan, milk baths, turmeric, coconut oils etc. But the processes can be long and time-consuming. Hence opting for a ready to use

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have worked hard to move to a healthy lifestyle and moving to organic is a priority now. I support organic, natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. Like all expecting and new moms, I am very conscious about the ingredients in the products we consume internally or externally.

When it comes to skincare, I have to be very careful as sensitive skin runs in my family. Beleive me or not I don’t use many cosmetics either and stick to a simple natural cleansing method for my skin. So it was but natural to follow suit for baby K.

Why Natural and Organic Skincare?

Organic skincare constitutes of ingredients that work with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin. Our skin just requires the right nutrients to care for and mend itself. Just like our body absorbs nutrients from the food we intake, our skin absorbs nutrients from things we apply to it. These nutrients then travel through our body via our bloodstream.

So along with eating healthy, choose chemical free skin products to keep a nourished happy skin. Afterall our skin is the largest organ of our body!

My search for organic natural baby skincare product has led me to try Gaia Natural Baby products. I am highly impressed with their vision. And post usage I really fell in love with the brand. Afterall it was a mom behind the brand!

gaia natural baby

About GAIA Natural Baby 

Created in 2002 when Michelle couldn’t find products suitable to care for her baby’s skin after he developed eczema at just 8 weeks of age.

As parents of a child with sensitive skin, She understands the delicate nature of baby’s skin and the company created a beautiful range of products full of skin softening natural and organic oils that will be of benefit to any baby’s skin rather than causing dryness.

And because a baby’s skin is so sensitive and can be easily irritated, Gaia included calming organic extracts to soothe any irritation or dryness they may encounter.

NPAT Review

We tried all 3 products for the last one month and continue to do so.

1. GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash

We love this is soap and sulphates free gel that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin without causing dryness and irritation. Just a little quantity on the palm along with some water can be rubbed directly on the skin. It’s suitable for kids 1+ and ideal for skin affected by eczema too. The organic sweet orange essential oil, which is a natural and gentle antibacterial cleanse and has a mild yet amazing fragrance

2. GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo

I have struggled to find a shampoo to work with baby K’s thin and dry hair. I tried it on myself and yes its tear free! Just a tiny amount is enough to lather the scalp. It leaves hair shiny and gently moisturizes the scalp. It’s very mild yet super effective in cleaning the hair and scalp, making it perfect for daily use. Tops with being organic and the mild sweet orange smell is fabulous

3. GAIA Natural Baby Moisturizer

With nourishing natural and organic oils like organic chamomile & organic avocado its perfect for K’s sensitive skin. It also contains Shea butter well known as a skin super food which is naturally rich in Vitamin E, A &F. The lotion is very very dense but easy to spread on your baby’s skin without leaving any greasy residue. I love that it is free from harsh and harmful chemicals, mineral oil, sorbolene and paraffin and hence is easily absorbed and 100% safe to use on your baby’s

What we absolutely loved about the products

  1. Organic ingredients which deliver their promise of soft supple skin
  2. A small quantity goes a long way!
  3. Economically priced at Rs.850 for a 250 ml bottles. these will last well.
  4. Easy availability both online and offline
  5. Not only are these products safe but they smell divine due to organic natural fragrance


These came in sturdy thick plastic bottles. The bottles are transparent and I can see how much of the product is left. Though the packaging is great I felt the lids were a bit weak and could come off if not handled gently. Hence I avoid giving it to my little naughty girl. Else we are absolutely in love with the product

Where to Buy?

All the three products are priced at Rs 850 for a 250 ml bottle and are easily available at GAIA Skin Naturals website. They are also available at all leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Hopscotch, BabyChakra andPaytm. People living in Mumbai can find these products at many famous retail outlets like Kamdhenu ( Nepean Sea Road), Kidzone (Powai), Pink Bunny (Malad W), Green Bell (Juhu) etc.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I have personally used these products on my kids for over a period of a month. The review holds my honest opinions and personal experience of using the same.


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  1. Considering the amount of chemicals used in products these days, moving towards natural and organic products is more sensible. Your review of GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo got me interested. My son has a thick mane which needs extra care. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Organic and natural Baby products are so worth investing in. I must try these now,that I have read your detailed review and thoughts.

  3. Organic baby products is all I want now. I was in a look out for some god products for Diya here and when I researched this was in the list as well. Now I know the benefits from your post. So glad to know that this is an amazing product

  4. I am quite excited to use this product for Haniya after reading your review! And the fact that it’s organic and chemical free! Makes it my first choice

  5. Been hearing much about thee products on social media! Being orgnaic and made of natural ingredients I think this is a winner of a product! Hope to try soon ?