Flintobox – a monthly activity based subscription box for the Busy Parents!

Should I buy a Flintobox?

If you are wondering whether to take a monthly subscription with Flintobox or not, then this review will guide you. I am sharing my experience based on 3 boxes that I have tried with my daughter while she was around 19 months old, 24 months and now at 27 months.

What’s in a Flintobox?

A theme based subscription activity box filled combinations of age appropriate educational activities. Flintobox is available for 4 different age groups and all the activities are age-appropriate. They are 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-8 years and 8-12 years.

The play based material includes a book and 5 activities as a combination of puzzles, DIY, art and craft, experiments.

Apart from this, you will receive additional worksheets (10 per month/theme) and DIY activity videos (5 per month) in your registered mail ID.

You can watch a detailed video of the unboxing of our Healthy Habits (Age 203) box below to see what to expect. If you have any queries feel free to email me.


Will my child be able to do these activities?

Flintobox is designed for the age group of 2-12 years. We tried our first box called Amazing Animals (age 2-3 years) when my daughter was only 19 months old. Since we do homeschooling she already was learning about animals and was quickly drawn to the activities and puzzles. So yes these activities are very exciting for the children.

Each box has 5 activities and on each, it mentions the parental involvement and child’s involvement. The difficulty level varies with the age group for which the box is curated. Nonetheless, the best part is you can learn about the box contents before buying by visiting the Flintobox site which details the list of activities along with a complete demo video.

If you feel the activities look a bit too simple or too complex for your child you may choose to pick the same theme for the next or previous age group. This is a very useful feature to make a decision before buying.

Flintobox for toddler Flintobox review

Is it worth subscribing to Flintobox?

Since this a subscription box you have 3 options – 3months, 6 months or a 9-month subscription paid in one go. The pricing gets more economical when you pick a 9-month subscription box. It can save you up to 50%, making it Rs.595 each box. However, if you are not sure you can try the 3 months subscription for Rs.2385 which makes each box Rs.795.

Looking both at the effort in putting this box together and the contents of the box, it totally is a choice of the parent. I personally feel it suitable for busy/working parents looking for ideas to engage kids. Also if you don’t have time to plan or create elaborate DIY age appropriate actives then you must give it a try.

Our verdict – Do we love our Flintobox?

After playing with 3 boxes we have fallen in love with the concept of the subscription box. And my daughter looks forward to opening a new box like a little treasure.

We love Flintobox because:

  1. It’s a well-planned activity box with a new theme each month
  2. It has interesting and engaging education based activities spread across the month
  3. Comes with a detailed easy to follow instructions sheet and curriculum
  4. Excellent quality of material sued that allows an activity to be reused several times.
  5. Full Refund policy! Yes. Flintobox is open to cancellation of subscription incase you feel their boxes are not fitting enough for you

Give Flintobox a go and enjoy watching your kids having a wonderful fun time! and if you are still not convinced read on what my fellow mom blogger of twin girls –  Shalu has to say about her experience.

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  2. Great review! Karma opens up her Flintobox everyday now. And I really liked how the materials they have used for the activities are of really good quality and finish. She loves their matching activity and shape sorter and they have become a part of her daily play time.

  3. This really looks a like a good box which engages and entertains the child.
    Refund policy is a good bonus point, for parents or kids who don’t like this, but I doubt this will happen!

  4. I’ve been thinking about buying it since the past 1 year, but could never get first hand reviews from parents who were using it for their kids. now at almost 3 years, I believe Sarah will understand it better, and your review of these products has definitely helped me, answering all the questions I had in my head. Going for it!!!

  5. Lovely review Karuna! And like you said this box is a great saviour for working parents like me! I remember the time when I saw al moms doing so much for their kids as far as developing certain life skills are concerned, but I could hardly do anything,That is when Flintobox came to my rescue.

  6. Flintobox activity box looks a great play based learning box. Such activity based learning methods not only helps children learn but yes kids can easily memrise it forever.

  7. Thanks for sharing your review for flintobox, my son is 19 months old and I have been going through many activity based fun and learning toys but couldn’t decide on which one to select. Flintobox looks worth giving a try.

  8. I have been reading about flintobox since a long time. And every time I found mothers recommending it for kids. Great to read another post of such type. I prefer letting my son make his own play so I have not bought it yet.