Customize your own cosmetic product

Would you like to customize your own cosmetic products? Then Read on..

How often have you stumbled upon a personal care product in the market and thought if it could have been customized to your need rather than being bucketed into broader categories? I have a sensitive skin and always longed to have this flexibility. Moreover, an organic version is always a cherry on the cake.

customised beauty products

Beautiful Packaging

But there is someone who saw an opportunity in this and innovated an organic personal care product line which allows you to customize a product based on your skin and hair type. Thanks to Bhakti Arora, a 28 year old entrepreneur, who launched the brand Freshistry and introduced us to healthy, organic and customized products delivered fresh at our doorsteps. The passion with which she speaks about the concept, reminds me of my early days as an entrepreneur.          
customised beauty products

customised beauty products

                    A month ago when I was approached to do a trial and brew my own cosmetic product, I was quite excited to try the concept and immediately placed the order online. The website interface is pretty user friendly and I did not have to struggle to figure out the process I have to follow.

Freshistry has 4 core products to offer:

  1. Cream
  2. Hair cleanser
  3. Lotion
  4. Face Cleanser

To customize the product you need to choose your

  • skin/scalp type
  • Herbs to suit your skin/scalp
  • Colours / tinge for the packaging
  • Fragrance
  • And you can name your customized product type as well

I was happy to get my hands dirty in the making of the product and eagerly waited for it to arrive at my doorstep in 4-5 days.

customised beauty products

Apart from the excitement, the first impression was definitely pleasant. Neat and thoughtful packaging with a tag bearing your name. The satin pouches are a total keepsakes.

I had got the Keratine smoothening treatment done 10 months ago and the damages were showing so I wanted to try their hair cleanser. I picked a hair cleanser for Normal scalp with Cream base which helps control the frizz. My chosen herb was Basil which prevents dryness and breakage of hair, exactly what I was going through. After choosing a Lavender tinge and a fruitilicious fragrance I was ready to get my Hair Cleanser brewed! And just for Rs.375? It’s a deal.


customised beauty products

I also received a cream with Borage which is a Natural Skin Moisturiser as a part of my kit! Thanks @freshistry. the good part is we can use the same fresh potion with it. Isn’t that so amazing! So basically you need to add the fresh potion to the base whether cream, lotion or hair cleaner and then mix and apply. The potion comes with a dropper top so its easy to use and it would surely last enough for the bottle to finish.

After using them for almost a month now, I have become quite fond of them. The hair cleanser really delivered what it promised. It did help control the dandruff, the frizz and giving me a healthy volume and shine. The cream made my skin a bit oily during the day so I started using it before going to bed and as a result I had a supple soft skin in the morning. Just to set the expectations right, don’t expect your fresh potion rich in aroma as it uses pure hydrosol, which essentially means pure herbal extract with no fragrance.

Lovely concept, effective products which show results. What more do you need? I would recommend that you try them to see if they work for you. Just like the name their products are fresh and exciting! Also they have free consultation guide to help you pick a suitable product. Click HERE to grab a free consultation.

You can find them on Instagram and Facebook too.

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