Cremation facilities for Dogs In Delhi/NCR

Our pets walk into our lives for a reason. They teach us what unconditional love, commitment and loyalty is all about. We learn these and a lot more from them through their lifetime and then have to face a harsh reality one day. moment, but if we know the options, it helps us to timely cremate them.Watching them leave us is never easy and we all have our own ways of dealing with the void they create. But we all have to pay our gratitude towards them and bid them adieu. More than anything else, they deserve this respect. There is no way of preparing ourselves for this 
The current listing is for Delhi / NCR and will be updated eventually to add all other cities as well. Please feel free to write to us at info.nameplaceanimalthing@gmail.comor click here if you would like to contribute information which will be helpful for others.

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1. Paws to Heaven
Run in partnership with Pet Animal Welfare Society, Paws for Heaven is located at 8th Avenue, Bandh Road in New Delhi; about six km from Chattarpur Mandir. It provides an electronic crematorium unit, a prayer room and a small garden where people can plant trees in memory of their pets. The cost of cremation is Rs 3,000 for an animal weighing 20 kg — Rs 500 is charged for every additional kilogram.
Location – Click here
Contact Details – Dr. R. T. Sharma, President, PAWS, C 9/7, Masudpur Mkt., Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070, INDIA
Ph: 011-26895737, 26136435, 26865737, 26965737, 09810036254
2. Garden of Eternal Peace
Started by Jeevashram Animal Shelter in Rajokri, Garden of Eternal Peace entered the Limca Book of Records for being the first animal shelter in India with proper facilities for burial of pets in a tranquil open space. They charge INR 4,000 for small breeds and INR 5,000 for large breeds. They also have a vet available 24×7 and 365 days for any kind of emergencies.
Location – Click here
Contact Details – Jeevashram Shelter, Village Rajokri (Near The Temple), New Delhi – 110038
Tel – 25064114, 25063696, 25064118, 09899123439, 09899123439 (Dr. Sunil), 09582350705 (Dr. Rukmini)
3. Sai Ashram
The Sai Animal Welfare Ashram is located in Chattarpur, New Delhi. It houses over 300 abandoned, stray and injured dogs and we often have pups and adult dogs for adoption. They provide cremation facility for cats and dogs at a nominal charge of INR 3,500.
Location – Click here
Contact Details –30 Satbari farms, Gaushala road, Chattarpur Mandir Road
Tel – 9582204088, 9971740982, 9810812213 (Rajiv Vij)
Facebook Group – 
4. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre
It has a burial ground for all kinds of animals. The burial rate for animals that were treated here, is INR 1,500. For others, the price is INR 3,000. The facility available here is very basic. Workers simply dig up the ground and bury the pet. It would be great to hear about the experiences of people who have used this facility.
Contact Details – Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden
Tel: 011-25448062

Weekend fun for Moose and Cherry

Weekends in Gurgaon are so predictable with the limited outdoor options available. Specially with people living in residential apartments making a hue and cry along with the RWA, we can’t be left unleashed even if we don’t harm anyone. We are always on a lookout for places where we can go over the weekend, play and have a good time. Also if folks can chill and relax with their friends, that means we get company of some more furries that come along with them.
The day when Cherry had arrived at our home
Café Canine, a pet friendly family café recently opened up in Gurgaon. Located at the outskirts of Gurgaon on the way to Damdama Lake, the café offers various facilities beyond just the space for us to play – right from dog grooming, small play area for kids, basic obstacles and a small café with a bookstore. It operates between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
Cafe Canine

After Cherry has walked into our house, it took some time to get her health back on track. Her spirits were always high and she was quite friendly with me. Though her medication is still on, she is in a much better state and one morning over the weekend, folks made an impromptu plan at 9:00 a.m. in the morning to take both of us out.

Showing off my soccer skills

The directions are pretty clear and we did not have difficulty locating the place. The moment we entered the café and were let off our leash, it was a sight to watch Cherry run in circles covering the entire ground like a horse. It looked as though she experienced running in an open field after a long time. And then we had another furry Zeus who instantly joined the fun. On one side there is a seating area with tables and chairs where you can sit and relax, while on the other side there is a space for us to run around and also some basic obstacles to train / practice on. These sections are separated by a metallic mesh.

That’s Cherry … how much she loved chasing her favourite toys

Cherry on the left and Moose on the right

We did try some of the obstacles, but were in no mood to make the effort. Loved playing my favourite sport – football and also managed to perform some tricks to impress Cherry. She wasn’t any behind when it came to chasing tennis balls. I believe folks also had a choice to order some snacks and drinks while we enjoy our games in the play area. With winters almost here, I cant wait to come back to the place a little earlier in the morning with our buddies Tango and Disco. 

Yeah, that tongue is on purpose 😀

Next time you plan your visit to Cafe Canine, you can reach out to them at +91-9891849999 or mail them at 

Home-made interactive toy in 5 mins

Sometimes making an interactive toy at home is simpler than searching one at the pet store. Let me tell you about one you can make in less than 5 minutes from your empty plastic water or soda bottles.
Things you will need:
  1. Empty plastic bottle
  2. Paper cutter or knife
  3. Dog treats
  4. Peanut Butter (I prefer home made. Click here to know you can prepare it at home)
  • Remove the plastic wrapper around the empty plastic bottle and wash it with a cleaning agent + hot water
  • Once the bottle is completely dried, take the cutter or knife and cut a small window closer to the base of the bottle. The size of the window should be just big enough to squeeze in the dog treats. Anything bigger than that will result into the treats dispensing out easily
  • Stuff a handful of treats into the bottle through this window
  • Now use a chunk of peanut butter to block the entrance of the bottle
  • And it is ready for your furry to play with
They will tale sometime to figure out the mechanism to fetch the treats and also to squeeze out the peanut butter. Once done, you can discard the bottle.
If you make a one for your furry and he enjoys it, don’t forget to share it with others J

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to mail me at 

Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

Subaru believes that a typical owner of their product is very well integrated into a family system – involved with kids in their sporting activities, going on family road trips and even taking their dogs along where ever they go.
Family Portrait of The Barkleys
Earlier this year, Subaru launched a campaign “Meet the Barkleys” in North America. Believe it or not, the Barkleys are not humans, but are dogs. Through a series of 30 second spots, the campaign takes you through the dramatic real life situations that the Subaru loving Barkleys go through.
1. In the House – Who gets the best of the Barkleys?
2. What’s the fuss about? – Why are the Barkleys barking on the road?

3. Road Trip Convenience Store – Do the Barkleys pull over actually for refreshments?

4. Turn Signal – Some gets stuck behind the wrong driver.

5. Teenagers – This one is my favourite. Watch out boys!

Now let’s meet the adorable Barkleys.
Father – Auggie is a 5-year-old purebred Golden Retriever from a little town in Canada. He rose to prominence starring in Hollywood movies and television shows and has many television commercials to his credit.
Mother – Stevie is a 4-year-old purebred yellow Labrador Retriever who was rescued from an animal shelter in Pasadena, California. She started training a mere six months ago, and playing “Mom” for Subaru is her first big break.
Daughter – Sadie is a purebred Golden Retriever from Moorpark, California, who was just adopted by a loving family. She is a growing pup at about six months old, and these are her first big TV commercials.
Son – Sebastian is a 12-week-old Golden Retriever from the same breeder as Sadie in Moorpark, California.
You can follow the Barkleys on Tumblr
Client: Subaru of North America

Crate Training a puppy

During our discussion with pet parents on crate training, we have realised that a lot of them think crate for puppies is a cruel idea. Sometimes when we have some guests over and they spot Moose’s crate, they give us a bewildered look. But in reality, it has more benefits in short term as well as long term.
Dogs are den animals and if crate training is done the right way at an early stage, he associates it as his den – a place to relax, sleep and feel safe in. The key benefits of crate training are:
  1. Housetraining
  2. Limiting his movement in the house thereby exposing him to the risk of chewing things which can be harmful to him or even damaging your belongings and furniture
  3. Since a dog would never soil their den, at some level it also teaches them to hold on as a puppy
  4. Sometimes if you are relocating or traveling to another destination in a car, train or flight, it will be easier for your dog to travel in one if he is familiar with it
Size chart for Collapsible Wire Frame Crates
There are broad ranges of crates which are available in the market.
1. Collapsible Wire Frame Crates
These can be folded for storage and provide ventilation for your dog as it has welded wire units on all sides. While purchasing, do check the quality of the wire mesh to ensure it is sturdy enough. While these might not be permitted in a flight, I find these most comfortable for training and can be taken along during road trips
2. Solid Plastic Crates
Made of sturdy plastic, these are more appropriate for flight travel. However, you must check with the airline on the approved specifications beforehand. For housetraining, I feel wire frame ones are better as you can also monitor the activity of your dog from a distance, which won’t be the case here as they are covered. Also these are cannot be folded and hence for bigger dogs, these can be really heavy to carry.
Solid Plastic Crates – Heavy in weight, but mandatory while transporting dogs in flight
These are two types which are easily available on pet stores in India. In addition, you also have soft sided crates, wood crates (can be made to order) and aluminium crates (used mainly at animal labs and not advisable). We got XL size crate for Moose from Dogspot.
Soft Sided Crates
Wood Crates
Aluminium Crates
But what you must also be conscious of is that if you misuse the crate to punish your dog or do not introduce the concept to him in the right manner; he could soon start detesting the crate and never get used to it. Also since they are puppies and can’t hold their bladder for too long, you should not leave them inside the crate for more than 2-3 hours at one time. Please remember that they still need their share of human interaction, play, stretching and chasing their favourite toys, hence don’t put them in crate for too long. Once you have the confidence that his behaviour is getting contained, you can get away with the crate. Though for winters, we tend to make it like a warm cozy for him with blankets covered from three sides and keep the door open. That helps him decide when he wants to go inside and take a nap and when he wants to step out.
The approach that you must take while crate training your pup:
1. Introducing the pup to the crate
The idea is to make him familiar with the crate. Place his bed, blanket and few toys inside the crate to make the setup familiar. Place the crate in an area where you spend maximum time. We started it with the dining hall and then moved it from one bed room to the other to make him comfortable. Throw a few treats inside and keep the door open to allow free movement. Every time he enters inside, use the word which you want him to start associating with the crate. We used to say “bed” every time he walked him. Gradually you can also start feeding him a few meals inside the crate.
Moose exploring the crate and getting comfortable with the setup. Notice the toys and cushions we have placed inside to make the envrionment familiar for him
2. Staying inside the crate
While feeding him meals, try to close the door slowly and see his comfort level. Gradually get him used to staying inside for a few seconds to a few minutes. We used to call out “bed” and wait for him to go inside the crate and every time he did, we rewarded him with treats. Slowly we started making him stay inside the crate, then start walking away and then return back in a few seconds. The idea is that he should be rewarded if he begins to stay inside the crate when you move out of sight. Slowly start increasing the stay period.
Eventually he started sleeping inside the crate and got comfortable to staying in it for longer period
3. Crate him for longer period
Start increasing the length of his stay inside the crate. Also you can start putting him crate before stepping out of the house. Start with a few minutes before you leave to say around 10-15 minutes. Reward him once he goes inside the crate and also reward him once you return. Leave him with a few interactive toys to keep him busy. Ensure that when you return, you don’t encourage him hyper excitement, keep the act of entering back inside the house like any casual affair. This worked for us and over a period of time, he would just wag his tail when we would return but not get hyper when we would open the crate. We also started putting him inside the crate in the night when used to sleep. The advantage we had was this happened during the winter period and he was more than happy to rush inside for a cozy sleep.