Books for kids- Now Personalized with their name!

Finding perfect books for your kids can be a daunting affair especially when you were never a reader yourself. But with little research you can find a beautiful list of books and I will be sharing more about the books Kenisha has enjoyed reading as a baby.
When someone cribs that their children don’t enjoy reading kids books. Which books for kids are suitable for what age? They ask. Well, it’s now! I always quote -“There is no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and the kids who are reading the wrong books.” James Patterson

As a child, I never developed a habit of reading books, outside of my study curriculum. Which compelled me to ensure I help Kenisha develop an affinity towards reading from an early age. This desire took me on a journey to experiment with various types of books ever since she was just 2.5 months old – picture books, feel and touch books and very recently graduating to storybooks.


While doing my research, I recently stumbled upon a brand which is adding a personal touch to this learning experience. Bookyboo allows you to customize story books for children where our child becomes the protagonist. You should have seen how excited Kenisha was to see her name and how the storyline instantly got itched onto her memory. The level of customization works at two levels:

1. My Adventure Bookyboo – This is a personalized storybook based on the letters that constitute your child’s name. The protagonist is none other than your little devil, who is on a treasure hunt across India to discover letters which will help them complete their name. While uncovering clues on this quest, they meet various characters which become a part of the story telling experience. I am told that this book caters to children in the age group of 0-8 years.

2. Fun Family Bookyboo – As the name suggests, now you too will have a skin in the game! While the child remains the protagonist, you have the family members also getting space in the canvas – be is two children or a single parent. The story takes your child on an adventurous journey through a jungle to rescue the parents from the cruel Evilor. Through the storyline, children are taught aspects such as family values, life values such as love, kindness and courage, building relationships and teamwork. At the same time it is aimed at enhancing their vocabulary. This version is ideal for children in the age group of 2-9 years.

Finalizing my selection was an easy process for me. Not only could I preview the complete customized book online after punching in details such as name, age and gender of Kenisha, but I also knew how much she loves animals. No points for guessing that I opted for Fun Family Bookyboo! The delivery was pretty quick as well.

Before introducing her to the new customized bookyboo, I tried to create some excitement. I explained explaining Kenisha that we will be getting a new book about baby Kenisha and her Dino, who will have to collectively find her Mumma and Dadda with some help from a few animals. It immediately caught her attention because she saw this little girl on the cover whom she calls Kenny! And she is fascinated with Dino off late (I think it’s post watching some parts of Jurrasic Park on TV)

Its been a month now and Kenisha absolutely enjoys reading this book with me. Her favourite sections in the story are the Crocodile ride across the river and meeting the chimpanzees, one of whom is named Cheeky. Introducing and warming up to a new book is an important task with younger children. Once they absorb and understand the story you will be surprised as they try to narrate the same to you on your next read!

So even though the book has 46 pages, it is impossible to read through it all for child under 3 as per me. But the illustrations and pictures are pretty dramatic and full of colour. They instantly attract the child. With some imaginative storytelling I could weave a shorter version of the story to keep her engaged. Kenisha is thrilled when she finally finds mama and dada at the end!

Apart from the personalization I love how we can print a special message for the child on the first page. It makes a perfect gift. And the quality of the paper is absolutely fabulous. Love the thick and sturdy textured paper and the full landscape size illustration spreads on this A4 book.

On a whole I think this book is everything a child would love growing up with. A book about him/her with a special message from a loved one!

I hope you do visit to experience the beautiful idea of creating a personalized book for your children or even better gift it to someone. Afterall books are best friends for life.

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  1. Love for books can be developed from childhood you are right. personalized book sounds exciting. I am sure Kenisha must be super excited.

  2. That is so true. I have had a tough time trying to get my son to start reading though he has no difficulty reading. Would like to try these personalized books.