Flintobox – a monthly activity based subscription box for the Busy Parents!

Should I buy a Flintobox?

If you are wondering whether to take a monthly subscription with Flintobox or not, then this review will guide you. I am sharing my experience based on 3 boxes that I have tried with my daughter while she was around 19 months old, 24 months and now at 27 months.

What’s in a Flintobox?

A theme based subscription activity box filled combinations of age appropriate educational activities. Flintobox is available for 4 different age groups and all the activities are age-appropriate. They are 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-8 years and 8-12 years.

The play based material includes a book and 5 activities as a combination of puzzles, DIY, art and craft, experiments.

Apart from this, you will receive additional worksheets (10 per month/theme) and DIY activity videos (5 per month) in your registered mail ID.

You can watch a detailed video of the unboxing of our Healthy Habits (Age 203) box below to see what to expect. If you have any queries feel free to email me.


Will my child be able to do these activities?

Flintobox is designed for the age group of 2-12 years. We tried our first box called Amazing Animals (age 2-3 years) when my daughter was only 19 months old. Since we do homeschooling she already was learning about animals and was quickly drawn to the activities and puzzles. So yes these activities are very exciting for the children.

Each box has 5 activities and on each, it mentions the parental involvement and child’s involvement. The difficulty level varies with the age group for which the box is curated. Nonetheless, the best part is you can learn about the box contents before buying by visiting the Flintobox site which details the list of activities along with a complete demo video.

If you feel the activities look a bit too simple or too complex for your child you may choose to pick the same theme for the next or previous age group. This is a very useful feature to make a decision before buying.

Flintobox for toddler Flintobox review

Is it worth subscribing to Flintobox?

Since this a subscription box you have 3 options – 3months, 6 months or a 9-month subscription paid in one go. The pricing gets more economical when you pick a 9-month subscription box. It can save you up to 50%, making it Rs.595 each box. However, if you are not sure you can try the 3 months subscription for Rs.2385 which makes each box Rs.795.

Looking both at the effort in putting this box together and the contents of the box, it totally is a choice of the parent. I personally feel it suitable for busy/working parents looking for ideas to engage kids. Also if you don’t have time to plan or create elaborate DIY age appropriate actives then you must give it a try.

Our verdict – Do we love our Flintobox?

After playing with 3 boxes we have fallen in love with the concept of the subscription box. And my daughter looks forward to opening a new box like a little treasure.

We love Flintobox because:

  1. It’s a well-planned activity box with a new theme each month
  2. It has interesting and engaging education based activities spread across the month
  3. Comes with a detailed easy to follow instructions sheet and curriculum
  4. Excellent quality of material sued that allows an activity to be reused several times.
  5. Full Refund policy! Yes. Flintobox is open to cancellation of subscription incase you feel their boxes are not fitting enough for you

Give Flintobox a go and enjoy watching your kids having a wonderful fun time! and if you are still not convinced read on what my fellow mom blogger of twin girls –  Shalu has to say about her experience.

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Healthy Snacking now made easy with The Green Snack Co

Healthy Snacking. Does that sound realistic? In a country like India where Fried food makes for most of the snacks, the easiest healthy snack option are fruits! But how many times do we wish we had more option?


Say Hello to The Green snack Co.

I received this super healthy, power packed hamper by the Green Snack Co. My first as always is to check the nutritional value. And I was surprised to note that these healthy snacks were made using fresh and natural ingredients, without any added sugar, preservatives, additives and MSG. Wow!

About the Products

The Quinoa puffs are an absolute hit in our house. Quinoa is a gluten free and high in protein grain which is a fabulous substitute for other cereals. These are made up of a mixture of all super grains like Ragi, Soy, rice, and maize. Delicious and healthy! No wonder my husband who is a triathlete loves them and wants me to stock more of these! My 2-year young toddler munched and crunched and as a mother I did not feel guilty!

The Quinoa Puffs come in 3 variants

  1. The Green Snack Co Quinoa Puffs – Peppy Cheese, 50g Pouch
  2. The Green Snack Co Quinoa Puffs – Zesty Kale, 50g Pouch
  3. The Green Snack Co Quinoa Puffs – Saucy Salsa, 50g Pouch

We tried the first two and our favourite is the Peppy Cheese, for obvious reasons!

Another series of their products are Kale chips. Kale is a super healthy and very popular green vegetable worldwide. So exciting to see The Green snack co offer these as chips. Yes, Kale chips. These are so new and unique. And since we don’t yet have a palette for kale it was a new taste but these did taste nice esoecially at are great option of healthy snacking. Kale is rich in calcium, Iron, proteins, fibre and antioxidants. It’s a perfect powerhouse snack for all age groups!

The Kale chips are available in three flavours:

  1. The Green Snack Co. Thai Sweet Chilli Kale Chips, 30g
  2. The Green Snack Co. Sea Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips, 30g
  3. The Green Snack Co. Cheese and Onion Kale Chips, 30g

healthy snacking

Here are some quick facts about these healthy snacks:

  •           These are made of nutritious grains, Quinoa, Amaranth, Soy, Ragi and Maize which are Good Source of Protein
  •           Well seasoned to add a delicious taste
  •           They are Gluten and Cholesterol Free
  •           Not fried or baked but Roasted
  •           Most importantly made of fresh ingredients with no Added Preservative

About The Green Snack co.

When I read up about this brand I found out that the founder, Jasmine, spent close to a decade-and-a-half on weight issues and faced daily internal conflicts and failed diets. It was her zeal to make healthy snacking mainstream. The new generation is looking for means for an improved and healthy snacking option. And this company is on their A game to get it right. So glad someone took up this initiative!

Where to buy?

Fors Rs.80 and Rs.200 you can purchase all the amazing snacks by the Green Snack Co products online at Amazon and BigBasket.

To know more, visit their website or Facebook page. You can even get to see more information on their Instagram.

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Why I chose extended breastfeeding?

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is an annual celebration held every year from 1 – 7 August in more than 120 countries. It celebrates and spreads the awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding and reaching the 6 months mark.

When K turned 2 it was like a little celebration for me to have reached the mark of breastfeeding her for 2 years. Today, I conclude the world breastfeeding day by sharing my experience of breastfeeding my 2 year plus.

Breastfeeding is a debatable topic. I have seen moms who breastfeed and talk how important it is. And then there are passionate moms feeding formula who quickly defend about “fed is best”! I personally feel, its not about what’s best for the baby but rather what’s best for YOUR baby

In fact I had to  formula feed K for initial 10 days when my supply was low. I have also carried all the bottles, formula, hot water around during those days! It was really a task. Hence, I have a huge respect for moms who managed formula feeding. I feel it equally tough to wake up every few hours or minutes to make that perfect formula milk for your baby during infancy! Pulling a boob out and feed felt easier!

I am sharing my extended breastfeeding story only to help someone who might be thinking whats it like and curious about the journey you may expect. No, I am not preaching. And I trust every mom who takes a decision about what to feed her baby is the best for them.

On another note, if you are an expecting mother or a new mom and plan to breastfeed your baby please join the Facebook group– Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers. It has been my go to place for advice and sanity during my initial breastfeeding struggle days.

extended breastfeeding

Why I chose extended breastfeeding

My child isn’t ready to wean – When Baby K was born, my goal was to breastfeed her for at least six months. When she turned 6 months I decided to carry on until she was 1. Around a time when she was 18 months I thought maybe she would wean and I wouldn’t lie, I even had an urge to try and wean her. One lame attempt and I realized I just couldn’t do it. Kenisha loves her milk and I know by now weaning her is going to be tough. So I will let her wean in her due course of time.

Personal preference to continue breastfeeding – One thing is sure – its easier to breastfeed a toddler than an infant. Once K turned a year old we were in a set routine of 3-4 feeds a day. One feed the moment she would wake up, followed by 2 naps and then one before bedtime. Around 18 months she dropped one nap and we came down to 3 feeds. Now at 2 its only for naps. Sometimes over weekends she may ask for more just coz mommy is available. And she can get her way. I oblige. It actually felt quite easy over the last one year.

Bonding time  – I absolutely love that I can help K sleep quickly by breastfeeding her. It is my magic power! It’s our special bonding time, our quite time when we stare at each other endlessly And I chuckle every time K chit chats during a feeding session. It’s funny nursing a talking toddler now! She tells me how tasty the milk is and often switches from one breast to the other saying I like “this one” more. Mothers milk is  a great way to support a child’s emotional needs. It’s now Kenisha’s source of warmth, cuddles and security more than just sustenance.

Convenience and comfort – During my recent super long vacation to France and Russia, I immediately agreed that breastfeeding saved us a zillion times. Being out and about sightseeing for 12-14 hours with a toddler isn’t a piece of cake. A cranky baby can be immediately calmed by a quick nursing session. Whether its the airport, in the flight, on a sightseeing bus tour, on a boat tour, at famous monuments we visited, the list goes on. I have no clue how else I would have survived it!

Health benefits – Of course we are all aware about the antibodies that are passed to our babies via the breast milk. It also helps to build a strong immunity. The constitution of mother milk also changes at each development stage of a child to help provide the balance source of nutrients.

If you need some more inspiration on Toddler Breastfeeding, you must visit my Friend Nayantara’s blog . And here is another interesting read on a mothers breastfeeding journey by Priyadarshani.

My advice to all mothers is this: DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT. Breastfeed until it no longer works for you and your baby. Wean if you feel right or continue as long as you are determined to. Never let anyone else dictate the rules of your motherhood experience.

I do get tired on some days but I have no clue where our journey will take us. So when am asked I just say My breast, my Baby J

I hope this blog inspired you and if it did, please drop your feedback or even better share it with others who may need a little inspiration! For more parenting blog topics by me click HERE

10 Top Tips for reading to your babies and toddlers

I have been reading to Kenisha since she was 2-3 months old. She has learnt so many new concepts like colors, shapes, animals, expressions/feelings, body parts in a fun way. It also improves communication and builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills for the young minds. Plus reading is an excellent form of stimulation too.

Initially as a baby she enjoyed looking at mirrors and pictures of faces, shapes , colors and so on. She would make sounds, reach out and touch the pictures and feel the textures in the books. I try and choose books with interesting pictures and textures and if possible with a good story line so it can last us few months once she may understand the emotion or concept. Now we have moved to Sing along books and story books with bright imagery and short stories.

Tips on Reading to your Baby

Am often asked by new moms about tips on reading so am sharing my top 7 tip on what worked for us to help you get started. Please remember there is no right or wrong way and its never too early or late. Just read and have fun together! .

  1. Make a routine or time everyday – We love reading before bedtime and its our quite and calm phase when we cuddle and read.
  2. Let your child choose a book. Sometimes I have found my baby love the same book for days! But if thats what they prefer, why not?
  3. Turn off the TV or radio so your baby can hear your voice and doesnt get distracted easily.
  4. Voice modulation works wonders – try out funny noises and sounds!
  5. Always read the book title and then talk about what the book about. It makes it interesting for the child. If there are are characters or animal they could relate to.
  6. Read slowly and spend time on each page after you read the words – this allows your baby to focus
  7. You can point and name familiar and new things. It will help your baby to learn about sounds and words. The more words children hear, the more words they learn
  8. Try and connect the book with your real life. For younger babies this could be object labeling like dog, flower, bottles and for old kids it could be an action “this is how you eat with spoon, that’s how you jump in park” and so on.
  9. Turn the pages when you read with your baby – this shows him how to use a book
  10. Remember it’s not important to finish a book! Its not a chore, follow the child’s lead and engage based on their interest.

Reading should be made fun for a long love for books as they grow. Keeping the momentum and upgrading to challenging literature is a good way to get going.

A fellow mom blogger Preetjyot has a wonderful article on how to make reading more fun. Read it HERE

I would love to hear more about your reading experience with your children. do visit my blog on Parenting 

Play Shifu Augmented Reality – educational game for early child development?

What is Play Shifu?

It is an educational game based on augmented reality that aids the kids learning to a whole new level with interactive play mode.  It teaches kids object labeling or naming a item, its meaning, spelling and pronunciation. It puts key focus on a child’s cognitive and imagination skills by providing real world knowledge.

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games

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