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As a child, I was always fascinated by magical worlds of fairies, gnomes, giants, and mermaids. It was a place where everything was possible! Magic is also about opening doors of imagination for children and the book “Adventures in Farland” by Moshank Relia is exactly that little ray of hope for a child.

Adventures in Farland

The Story

The story “Adventures in Farland” is about a beautiful 7-year-old little girl named Mira and her two naughty and quarreling potbellied twin friends Bira and Vira. Mira has always heard about the magical land of faraway where the princess Harmonica organizes the fun New Moon parties as her bedtime story from her mother.

As luck would have it Mira meets Bushy a character from the stories of Farland her mother recites to her. He comes to invite her for the New moon party and turns her twin friends into rats so that they don’t disturb others guests with their fights.

A special plane with the best pilot of Farland is sent across to pick them up and drop them back before daybreak. It’s all too exciting for little Mira who has only heard about Farland and cannot wait to experience the magic herself. She gives in the temptation and is soon on her way to a magical discovery full of adventures.

As soon as little Mira begins her journey her plane breaks down and lands in the lost forest. Very soon Mira learns that the queen of witches has decided to unleash the dragon of Underhill on Farland and destroy it.  Little does she know that she will play a big role in saving Farland and encounter strange things happening. Will she be successful? Which all mystical creatures will little Mira meet in her journey.  Children will love to read this fun and adventurous story.

As the story unfolds interesting new mystical creatures come into play. Each with a unique personality for easy recall. Like the starhead pilot, Mira meets who has a head shaped like a star and shines brightly. Then Bushy is a character whose head has a bush instead of hair and

My Review

The character of Mira is portrayed as a sweet and kind-hearted girl. At the time of adversity, she shows her braveness. She stands up to all challenges in a new place and goes out of her way to help others. She loves her friends and always helps them even if it puts her life in danger. Her bravery sees her through her journey. A wonderful way to teach young children about courage and relationships.

The book is well written with short sentences. I also find it a great way to introduce some new words to children and help build vocabulary. Love the author’s imagination and wonderfully weaved creatures of Farland. They are amusing and children would enjoy them. the plot is very ineresting and gripping till the end. The only thing the book left me wanting more was some pictures and especially colored ones depicting the mystical creatures of Farland. On the whole, I absolutely think its a perfect read for little ones!

About the Author

Moshank Relia is a graduate in English literature. His love for adventure, his deep affection for kids and his wide-ranging creative experiences drove him to write children’s fiction.

Am truly grateful to the author for the privilege of reviewing his book “Adventures in Farland”. It will be available from 19th October. *Purchase Link will be updated

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