Kids need dirt to be healthy

Dirt is NOT Dirty!

As parents, we understandably cringe when we see our child plunging into the dirt. It means a whole lot of cleanup, which is obviously just not fun. But did you know, that allowing kids to let loose and get dirty is actually very important to their development and their health.

Many of my friends and relatives suggested me to keep my dogs away for an year, sanitize my house or else Kenisha might pick up allergies. But, little do they know it’s the other way round.

Children raised in an ultra clean environment in fact do not get exposed to organisms that help them develop appropriate immune system. And we are talking about kids as young as 3-4 months old here.

Kenisha is allowed to play for an hour in mud pit everyday, when weather permits! And she absolutely loves it. Today I am sharing my top 5 reasons why kids need dirt to be healthy!

  1. Immune system Boost – Playing in the dirt and even eating a bit of it, can help train and strengthen young immune systems.


  1. Reduce chances of allergies – Because gradual exposure to allergens in your area can allow the body to become accustomed to them.


  1. Grounding – also known as “earthing”. ‘It is simply having our feet and bodies in contact with the earth and is important for our well being. No wonder we feel elated walking bare feet in the sand on a beach?


  1. Dose of Vitamin D– Playing in dirt means out in the sun and kids need that vitamin D to protect the health of their bones and immune systems. We stay sun safe with our mamaearth sunscreen.


  1. Relieve Stress -When children are allowed free, unstructured playtime outdoors, it may greatly help to relieve stress and anxiety plus extra dose of physical activity helps them calm down too. That’s one happy tired kid momma!


Not only playing in the dirt is a great mood booster for kids, one look at the smiling face of your child as they run barefoot through the sand tells you this exact thing: Playing in the dirt is fun.

Next time you see your kids plunging in that mud pit, sit back and relax once you ensure the environment is safe. It’s worth the dirt and mess Momma, isn’t it?

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  1. Wonderful. It’s so much fun to play in the dirt. Much much better than the gadgets the kids these days are addicted to.

  2. I get little worried when my toddler decides to jump and roll in the mud in our garden (Believe me, she does that quite often), but my hubby says these things every time I get little hyper. Love your post. Thank you for sharing this.