A gift registry site you must see! Scift.com

Never heard of a gift registry?

A very popular concept in the west but am seeing some amazing sites in India catering to this much-needed void.

A gift registry is an alot like your wish list. Its popularly used for weddings and special occasions like birthdays, baby showers and anniversaries too Typically, when a recipient compiles a list of items they wish to receive and then distributes it to family and friends, they have created a wish list.

Meet Scift.com – INDIA’S FIRST GIFT REGISTRY PERFECT FOR WEDDINGS AND BABY SHOWERS! Scift is a brand new online portal for baby and kids products. They have brought together unique products from over 35 brands all under one roof. Gifts for every occasion including birthdays, baby showers, and more.

When I was asked by Scift.com to try out their newly launched website I was totally amazed by the concept. I immediately created my account and headed to try a gift registry option as well which is available under the account section once you log in.

This means you are able to let your friends and family know what you would enjoy being gifted. It saves them the trouble of assuming and wondering what to get you. At a click of a button they can quickly make a purchase and in turn, you get exactly what you wanted.

Products and brands on Scift.com

With over 35 brands Scift.com offers a huge array of products for kids and moms, there is something for everyone. and they have actually added a lot more since I last shopped with them in December!

So here is what I bought in Rs. 5000


Yep, all that! 4 things for Baby 4 and 2 for mommy 🙂 the shopping experience was fun and easy but the only glitch was the delivery. Each item came at its own pace, the last one, in fact, came after a month! Scift.com was made aware and they are working to improve the same. Apart from that, I think its a fabulous concept!

In fact, I did like to highlight a feature called “Give back” where they have tied up with various NGO where you can choose to donate for a certain cause. I absolutely liked this idea!

Do visit scift.com and am sure you will have something to pick for yourself. Or even better use it to help a friend with a gift registry!