How to get the best baby dresses through online shopping

Shopping for baby dresses has been one of my favorite things to do since being a mom! It’s such a joy because fortunately we now have a huge variety of beautiful variety of baby dresses available in the market. Especially as parents of 0-3 we do have to invest in several lots of clothing, thanks to their super fast growing stage.

baby dresses

However, we also want to ensure to spend mindfully and the baby dresses should be comfortable and bought incorrect sizing so the baby can wear it for the longest time while it fits him/her. As parents, we always want good quality fabric suitable for the season. If your child has sensitive skin you have to be double sure about fabric choices.

Initially, I used to take my little baby out and shop with her as I found it extremely difficult to shop her sizing and brought home wrong sizes and ran about exchanging them. It was just too much work for me. With time I learned and figured out the best way to shop!

The best way to shop baby dresses?

Get online! Yes, you heard it. Online shopping is the way to go. Initially, I was very hesitant but as I browsed I realized there are so many online stores that sell several top kids clothing brands.

Before you get online here are some tips that can make online shopping easy, fun and addictive!

1.Take a measuring tape and note down your baby’s stats in inches and cms. Most brands share a size chart along with each age group. Since children too have body types go by measurement instead of the age groups. Sometimes Baby K has fitted in a dress meant for 2 sizes small.

2. Plan ahead of time as you may sometimes have to make a return or exchange. In this case, ensure the online site you shop from has a return or exchange policy. Ensure you read it carefully before placing an order.

3. Have patience and make use of popular sales like Diwali, Christmas etc. You can make a saving of whooping upto 80% on some exciting range during sale season and save big. I usually use sale periods to make all my future purchases. Especially non-seasonal dresses become suer economical to shop. Also look for Offer where the certain banks provides additional discounts!

4. Once you receive the products from your online shopping ensure you check them thoroughly for any damages. Then try them out on your child immediately without taking off the tags. Some brands have wider patterns and suitable for plump kids while others are skin fit. Sooner than later you will know the brands that work for your child.

5. Don’t go overboard! It can be very tempting to buy bigger sizes just because these are on sale. Avoid this. From my experience, this can lead to wastage especially if you experience seasonal changes. Stick to max next 3 months in mind when shopping.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Do share your experience on shopping online for baby dresses and I will add them to my blog