Dressing up the Coo Coo Way!

We moms love dressing up our kids. It’s an absolute joy to buy mini clothing.  Especially in today’s time, there are so many options and variations available. Right from casuals, day wear, nightwear, party wear the list is never-ending.

Dressing up kids should be all about comfort!

If you are a Girl mom like me then you know the double joy of dressing up little princesses! As a new mom, I was always very particular about the clothes I bought for my baby girl especially the fancy looking party wears. It was disheartening to find such pretty dresses but all in wrong fabrics. Synthetics that were rough with no lining and would more than have fasteners or drawstrings or some pointed decorative things that might hurt your child.

So I realised that while buying clothes we must take equal care just like when we buy food for our babies.

I figured out the ideal baby/toddler clothing should be:

  • Soft, comfortable, easy to put on and take off and comparatively loose.

  • Easy access to his/her nappy because it requires frequent changing or bathroom visits.

  • Non-flammable

  • Lightweight and breathable

  • Non-irritating with smooth feel to skin

  • Underclothes/layers should be essentially made of organic fibres

So whats the whole buzz about organic cotton clothing for kids?

Ordinary clothes are manufactured using chemicals which can prove to be harmful to a child’s skin, causing allergy, rashes and other skin infections. Organic cotton clothing is manufactured from organic raw materials and chemical-free processing techniques, which prevent any such risk and ensure complete comfort along with health.

More than often you either find good quality or good designs but getting a combination of both is a rarity!

Luckily I came across a brand that answered all my worries.

Dressing up the Coo Coo Way!

COO COO caters to the parent who is looking for high quality, classic, elegant and comfortable clothes for their children. One look at their collection at www.coocoo.in you shall be swooned over by the outfits designed for newborns to boys and girls aged 10.

When I touched the frocks sent for my daughter it felt like butter on skin! These are made of High-quality 100% cotton. Since Coo Coo does extensive fittings with children of all ages before finalizing their styles, we loved their simple yet chic trims and styles.

NPAT Loves – Matching accessories like hairbands and purses available with these dresses that help to complete the look!

Here are some of our favourite looks designed by Coo Coo for boys and girls. From classic and elegant look to comfort fit. they have got it all! We also love their Indian line using mainly Cotton fabrics like – Cotton Thread Embroidered fabrics, Muslin Cottons, Cotton Dobby’s and Cotton Satins. Most Indian kids brands use synthetic fabrics and laces which most children refuse to wear. So Coo Coo will be our new place to shop now!

And there is more! they have matching outfits for dads and sons! I can’t wait till they get something for the moms and daughters and moms too!


Coo Coo dress Up

This is another super fun concept started by Coo Coo. It was also featured in the Vogue magazine.

Introducing COO COO’s Dress Up Closet/Pop-Up Shop – a unique concept for Return Gifts at your child’s birthday party.

COO COO’s Dress Up Closet displays COO COO Dresses and Shirts handpicked by you at your Childs birthday party. Your little guests can choose their back present from the Closet during the party and have their size (packaged in our COO COO Gift Box) handed to them before they leave.

So not only can you get your little one a birthday outfit but some really interesting birthday return gifts organised as well.

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